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Name: Flore
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Species: Human, with some Elf Ancestry

Description: Flore has tanned skin and long black hair. She is relatively small for a human but she's still bigger than normal dwarves or elves. Her brown eyes, wide nose and volumous lips look nothing like a traditional elf, but Flore does often wear plants or flowers as part of her outfit.
Personality: Flore does have the level-headed, nature-loving temperament of the elves. She is wise for her age and tends to look to history for help when it's time to make decisions. She tries to keep an open mind and to not be prejudiced.

Home: Folk Valley, Fields and Forests
Family: Parents, siblings, large extended family but they all do their own thing.
Pets: She does not believe that keeping pets is a good thing. Will care for local wildlife.
Bond: Purple Linaeth (f) from Armaina's Dragons


Linaeth snuck out once more to frolick in the flower garden. Her bond would probably not be pleased at the crushed flowers, but Linaeth loved the smell as her body crushed the delicate plants below. The soothing fragrance of lavender, mingled with soft camomile and the heady smell of roses that were growing nearby. Linaeth knew better then to make a bed of those.
Looking around and not seeing anyone, Linaeth rolled herself in the flowers, relishing in the feeling. And suddenly she knew what to do. She got up, crouched and then launched herself into the air. When she was fully airborn, she bugled, signaling a challenge to any nearby.
"Come and catch me!"

Purple Linaeth (f)
Personality: Excitable, Gullible, Fast




Lantessama Isle