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NAME: Ruena
GENDER: Female
AGE: 29

LOOKS: Ruena is muscled and stoutly built with soft red skin and long dark brown hair. She has orange-red eyes, two wide curved horns that protrude from her forehead and slightly pointed ears. Her tail is smooth and powerful. Ruena enjoys wearing red as it brings out her eyes.
PERSONALITY: Ruena is a young woman that works hard and plays hard. She trains and perfects her body with fighting moves by day and her dance moves by night. Ruena is generally friendly and outgoing, but on the job she is quiet and observant, making sure nothing happens to the people she's been sent to guard.
SKILLS: Several fighting styles, armed and unarmed fighting, killer dance moves
LIKES: dancing, moving her body and being among people
DISLIKES: when things go south on the job

FAMILY: Ruena has two older brothers and a mother. Her father died when she was young while he was defending one of his clients. 
BOND: Green Cheas from Nidus Caeligenus


Ruena returned to the hatching platforms around the Devil's Backbone, inwardly chuckling at what the locals called the mountain, and waited. This was the third clutch she'd stood for. For a brief moment she figured maybe one of the Yautja dragons would chose her like they had Ymber, but none ever looked her way. Which surely had to mean that she was meant to bond today. She'd never been one to worry or be put down by gloomy thoughts. 
Her companions were with their bonds but she was surprised to see Ymber and Faicen among the spectators to cheer her on. Ruena returned her attention to the waiting eggs and watched as they one, by one, started moving. There were plenty of eggs and a generous amount of candidates, meaning the entire hatching soon became chaotic. 
So it was a surprise when suddenly, the green Hathian baby that had been moving around, looked up at her and sent her an image of food and sleep, snuggled closely together. 
Ruena had been told Hathians could not talk immediately but communicated anyway. It was a strange concept, but she tried to send reassuring thoughts back to the hatchling as she led her to one of the waiting officials who informed her that her dragon was the daughter of Anitraya and Lanix and that they'd named her Cheas.
"Okay Cheas, I'm so happy you don't have a difficult name." Ruena said.
To which Cheas rumbled approvingly. 

Name: Cheas
Gender: Female
Species: Hathian
Parentage: Green Anitraya & Red Lanix
Adult Height: 11í at the shoulder
Colour: Green
Personality: A protector and a provider, Cheas will always have Ruenaís back and know without a doubt that Ruena has hers in turn. Keenly observant and sharp of wit, sheíll never let her guard down ó unless itís time to dance, that is! Cheas isnít afraid to have a little fun when itís appropriate to, because life would be a whole lot more boring if she didnít, and who wants that?
     *Breath Weapon (Acid)


Cheas had grown considerably, her mind speech now fluent and eloquent. Her thoughts a constant support for her Guard bond. Which is why of course, it wasn't surprising that Cheas knew of her rider's doubts.
"Your family won't be angry. In fact they're probably worried sick." Cheas said, not for the first time.
"They must think I died." Ruena acknowledged, "Do I really want to upend their lives. I might be a fugitive."
"So? Say that you were kidnapped by thieves."
"And how do I explain you?"
"I am your valiant saviour." Cheas boasted.
"That you are." Ruena smiled.
"But if you're so worried about returning, I wouldn't mind a little extra detour."
"A detour?"
"We could go watch Faicen's bloodletting ritual."
"Ymber might appreciate us coming as support."
"I don't know if they would see it that way." Cheas smirked, "But I would like to see the little warrior succeed."
"You can hardly call him little." Ruena objected.
"But it's fun to get a rise out of him."
"You only say that because you're not on his list of things to hunt."
"Ain't that an advantage." Cheas agreed. 




Lantessama Isle
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