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NAME: Quivren Sandswept
AGE: 35

LOOKS: Quivren is slender and wiry with a light brown skin and dark hair. He has dark brown eyes, pointy ears, two horns that protrude from his forehead and a long scaled tail. He often wears dark colours even if they're not suited for the terrain, they add to his air of danger and mystery.
PERSONALITY: Quivren enjoys looking and acting mysterious. He does his job well and is generally liked by the people but there is just something that makes him super happy when he sees the wonder in the eyes of children while he does his magic tricks. Being the man he is, he never breaks character and playing the mage has become more natural than being himself. 
SKILLS: Magic tricks, theatrics and stage presence
LIKES: Well-executed tricks, atmospheric music and the occult
DISLIKES: Bright lights, magic without ceremony and fizzy drinks

FAMILY: Quivren is not married, he doesn't have children of his own. His parents are deceased.  
PETS: Heremit Crab Houdini (m)
COMPANION: Yellow-Orange Jivai from Nidus Caeligenus
BOND: Orange-Rainbow
Layammry Rufasilex from Nidus Caeligenus


Quivren relished in the sounds and sights of the Nidus Caeligenus. Everywhere you looked, something was happening. There was chaos, but it was a fun kind of chaos, a promising mood that meant everything was possible. Running through the streets were several different sentient species, from small furred dragonoids called Terigon, to humans to warrior Yautjadragons. 
All they could do was wait until they were called to attend one of the hatchings and hope that they found a dragon there. But if there was one thing Quivren didn't like, it was waiting. He loved to make people wait, but when the tables were turned like this, it was another matter. 
So Quivren did what he did best. He took up a street corner and performed, choosing to draw others to him in stead of waiting patiently. And it certainly worked. Because his tricks drew the attention of a small, furry, orange-yellow Terigon female. 
"Jivai like!" she called after every trick, clapping her hands, stomping her feet and lashing her tail. 
"Thank you miss." Quivren bowed and smiled.
"Jivai stay with you." the Terigon proclaimed.
Quivren couldn't help but laugh before he said: "Welcome, I'll e happy to have you."
After all, there were so many tricks to think off if he were to have such a small and agile assistant!

Name: Jivai
Gender: Female
Species: Terigon
Genetic Code: Ss E3E3 Ww TT Y1Y7 C2C6 Ll X3X4 Uu I4I8 nn P4P6 R4R8 Aa
Adult Height: 2’1” at the shoulder
     *Verbal Speech


The sand demons visited the nesting platforms just about every day, not only because they were here for the eggs, but also because the sand and mountains reminded them of their home. To Quivren the many large eggs, guarded by dragons of different stature and plumage was maybe the biggest draw though.  
So when a golden dragoness and her mate sang the song to announce that their clutch was hatching, he knew he was meant for one of their babies:

Dragon riders in the sky!

Well a lone cowpoke went riding out
One bright and windy day
Upon a ridge he rested
As he went along his way
When all at once a mighty pack
Of Hathians he saw
Plowin’ through the ragged skies
And up the cloudy draw

Their mouths were spitting fire
And their scales were made of steel
Their horns were gold and shiny
And their hot breath he could feel!
Well a bolt of awe went through him
As they soared on through the sky
For he saw their riders laughing hard
And he heard their joyful cry!

Their faces flushed
Their eyes aglow
Their shirts all wet with sweat
They’re trying hard to race that wind
But they ain’t resting yet
‘Cause they’re gonna ride forever
On that range up in the sky
On dragons snorting fire
As they ride on, hear their cry!

As the riders soared on by him
He heard one call his name
‘If you wanna find your soul
My friend, a-riding on our range
Then, cowboy, come our way today
And with us you will ride
Trying to catch the sun and clouds
Across these endless skies!

Dragon riders in the sky!

A crowd of eager contenders gathered around the platform and the colourful hatchlings got quite the audience to witness their first steps into a brand new world. Though they wouldn't be flying yet, their large, soft wings promised they would be strong flyers and their cheeky smiles that they would have the promised temperament of cowboys - or cowgirls.
Because the warm orange hatchling with rainbow-coloured wings that approached Quivren was most definitely a girl. And a real Southern-hospitality kind of mama to be.
"I hear you've been checking us out to join your show." she drawled.
"I have indeed." Quivren spoke the truth.
"I reckon you'll only ever need me." Layammry winked.
Quivren smiled and had to agree that one of these would be plenty. 

Name: Layammry Rufasilex
Gender: Female
Species: Piralan Asandus Mutt
Adult Height: 15’ at the shoulder
Colour: Orange-Rainbow
Personality: A bright and inspirational soul, if Layammry sees someone in need of support, then rest assured she’s more than ready to offer a strong shoulder, encouraging words, and provide any and all emotional backup necessary. As an adult, her heart will be full of love and passion for that one special someone — whoever she may discover them to be — and she’ll never hesitate to let them know it, either.
     *Avengaean Functional Magic
     *Body Heat Control
     *Shapeshifting (Human)
     *Verbal Speech


Time advanced and while Ymber was off to have some kind of deep hunter trial ritual that involved blood and who knows what else, Layammry was busy plotting her own little things. She'd given Cheas the luminous idea that going to cheer on the big warrior dragon would be a good idea and so now she finally had some time alone to work on the next part of her plan. After all, she'd grown to be quite a capable dragoness. And everyone knew that no-one could really be happy without true love. And let it just be so that she knew the look of true love. And she spied it between her bond and his sadly completely clueless and largely unwilling, insecure and totally cute assistant. 
How gloomy could one be? Not even her bond, a complete clash of colour and too many limbs was as dark and brooding as Xafore was. And all that when she clearly had a lot of power and potential. At least her bond saw it in Xafore, and what Quivren saw, Layammry had to agree upon. 
"I object to you calling me a clash of colour when you yourself are so bright and colourful." Torrest objected.
"I never said I didn't like it. Just that all that red is a bit dramatic." Layammry waved away the hathydra beast's complaints. 
"So what is it you plan on doing while the other two are away?" Torrest inquired.
"Why, give them a romantic night beneath the stars." Layammry beamed.
Torrest had to give the feathery dragoness points for trying.
"You do know they'll just talk about magic and tricks, right?" Torrest asked.
"I have supplied hints in the menu." Layammry said confidently.
Torrest rolled his four eyes at her and said, "They're much too dense for that."
"Do YOU have any better ideas?" Layammry asked.
Torrest did, but he struggled for words. It was difficult to propose what he was planning after all. In the end he just grabbed the vibrant dragoness and said: "Let me show you!"
As Layammry caught on she did admire the boldness of the plan. Indeed there was no getting around this BIG a clue!




Lantessama Isle
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