Pei Li

Name: Pei Li
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Khylarian Human
Class: Archer

Description: Pei Li is short and slender with a yellow skin tone, thick brown hair and slanted eyes. Her nose is wide and doesn't have much elevation. Her mouth is small but she's loud anyway. She doesn't have many curves, but that's normal for the women in her region. She's lost her left little finger due to an accident with a bow string when she was training around 4 years ago. 
Personality: Pei Li is loud and boisterous. She thinks of herself as one of the boys and she feels no shame in joining in their antics from telling pervy jokes to boasting and gambling. Pei Li knew from an early age that the military was her future. Her mother and father were dead set against it but she persevered and feels right at home in the masculine environment. She showed skills as an archer and has been training with her shy best friend Chou since then. They both were given firelizards to serve as messengers between the scouts and groups as they showed aptitude to the telepathic linking required to train one. 
Skills: Climbing (she's a monkey really). 

Pets: Green firelizard Kiko (f) from Meridian Weyr
Bond: ??? from the Empyrean Stair






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