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Name: Tithonia
Age: 51
Gender: Female

Looks: Tithonia stands proud and straight. She has long dark grey hair, a long nose and a downcast curve to her lips. She has a lot of wrinkles that have been formed by years of living outdoors. Tithonia is not very curvy, she is slender and wiry with good posture. Because of her age she does have some issues with arthritis that acts up in the colder months or during prolonged wet periods. Tithonia likes yellow and often wears bright clothes. 
Personality: Tithonia is an optimist. She has lived by herself for a long period of time, her only company the llama-like Chentuu that she keeps. She is resourceful and self-reliant. When she meets other people it often takes a little while for her to adjust but she generally enjoys social interactions unless she needs to interact with a large group. Like the Mexican Sunflower she was named after, she is a loyal friend with a tenacious side. She can withstand extreme conditions and is healthy and fit. 
Family & Upbringing: Tithonia grew up high in the mountains and has seen more animals than people. She married and had a son, Tagetes. Her husband died when her son was young and now he has lost his wife. She understands the grief he feels but would like to see him move on since he is still so young. She has found healing in her interactions with the animals but knows that her son might need a different remedy.  
Clan: Asteraceae
Flower Symbolism: Faith, Loyalty and Adoration (Mexican Sunflower)

  * Brown with White front legs and belly Chentuu Gladioli (m) - flower symbolism:  Sympathy and Memories (Sword Lily)
  * Chocolate Brown with Yellow Chentuu Salvia Elegans (f) - flower symbolism: Healing (Pineapple Sage)
  * Brown with White spots Chentuu Salvia Miniata (f) - flower symbolism: Protection and Healing (Belize Sage)


Tithonia looked out across the high situated plain where she'd let her flock of Chentuu graze. She herself had travelled to one of the lower villages to buy some necessities she couldn't produce herself. She'd been gone for a few days but wasn't exactly worried. She'd been a part of the flock since she'd been a little girl and her father had herded the Chentuu. Some would say life hadn't treated her kindly but Tithonia knew that life was what you made of it. Like her flock she lived her days surviving. When things were good she found joy in the days, when times were dire she found strength in her flock and worked like a dog to provide enough to get through to the next day. She had a little hut where she could sleep and where she cultivated some vegetables and herbs. Her flock provided wool with which she could make fabrics and wool and the rest of it she sold or bartered. Some would say her life was simple but Tithonia felt like it was anything but. Choosing the right valleys to let her flock graze, determining when to move and when to take shelter. Nothing of it was easy. But she'd had years of experience and trusted her gut when it came to such things. 
A brown head popped up from behind the boulders and Tithonia smiled as her large dominant male Chentuu, Gladioli, appeared from behind the boulders where he'd led the rest of her pack to take shelter. He'd been the first fowl to be born after her husband died and she'd named him after the sword lily flower. Sometimes she could feel the presence of her husband with the large male and he seemed smarter than he should be. But maybe she was just seeing the things she wanted to in his behaviour. After all, she had given him more attention than the other fowls so it was probably natural that he was so attached to her. 
There were two more males and about a dozen females and neuters in the flock. Tithonia carefully counted the members of her little family and was relieved to see that they were all there. She'd had an uneasy feeling these past days and had hurried back though there wasn't exactly a reason to be worried. There hadn't been any sightings of predators and the weather was fair. But there was something in the air that made her wary. Maybe sensing her worry, Elegans stepped toward her and laid her head on Tithonia's head. Tithonia grinned and scratched the younger Chentuu's neck and throat. Elegans and her sister Miniata had been born after her daughter in law had passed and she'd named them after the sage-herbs in her garden. Their mother had been old when she had them and had not produced enough milk to feed the twins. In the wild maybe only one of them would survived or both would have succumbed to hunger, but Tithonia had helped feed them. Elegans was by far the most caring of the two, often coming for a touch or making her laugh while Miniata was a bit more distant. 
As Tithonia led her flock back to her little hut she told herself she was being silly. She could have stayed on the meadows a bit longer. Returning home would put a strain on the fields where she kept her flock during the winter. But she still felt uneasy and wanted to be home. Miniata was the last to follow and the mare raised her neck and spat at the wind before she followed. Maybe the mare just felt her owner's unease... or maybe she sensed the evil on the wind.
"I have a feeling visitors will be coming." Tithonia said to no-one in particular.
Gladioli warbled and set a faster pace for the flock who followed unusually obedient. Maybe it was a good thing she'd bought more than she'd been planning. 


Salvia Elegans    -    Salvia Miniata


Lantessama Isle
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