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Name: Tagetes
Age: 24
Gender: Male

Looks: Tagetes has the whole scruffy, sad and gloomy guy thing going for him. He has dark brown hair, sideburns and a beard that starts out tidy but easily changes to scruffy since he doesn't actually does the work to keep it in style. He has dark green eyes, a thin nose and lips. He prefers wearing black at the moment, he is in mourning after all. Since it's required for his job, he has kept in shape. He's an excellent climber. 
Personality: Tagetes lost his wife about two years ago and has since been in mourning. Aside from his work as a hunter-gatherer on the high valleys, he hasn't been going out much. He'd rather stay at home to wallow in his memories. A lot of friends have left his side and he's pretty close to losing the few he has left with his attitude. Currently Tagetes has little energy for hobbies but he was once a decent storyteller that liked to entertain the townsfolk. 
Family & Upbringing: Tagetes was born to Tithonia and her husband but lost his father when he was about 10. Still, he grew up well and married when he was 18 but lost his wife to illness 2 years ago. 
Clan: Asteraceae
Flower Symbolism: Grief and Despair

Pets: --
Bond: Brown Cuath from Kyanos Weyr


The expansive sands felt just a bit smaller than they normally did, given that they were occupied by three brooding females of various sizes. Openly friendly with one another before, the ladies had only grown closer while watching over their clutches, so there were several pleased voices announcing that the eggs had begun to shake before the humming began.
While the scribes kept careful records of which hatching broke shell from which clutch, it quickly became a mixed, chaotic mess from everyone else’s perspective.
Just as it always tended to.
A stocky brown stretched his wings and wiggled his claws once freed from his shell, and without fanfare, sniffed around for just a moment before making his way towards the somewhat scruffy-looked Tagetes, and head-bumping the man’s shin. 
~Cuath.~ His name declaration was short, his mind-touch gentle and quiet.


Name: Cuath
Gender: Male
Coloration: Brown
Mother: Green Iseth
Father: Brown Dagorth
Abilities: Assisted Fire Breath, Telepathy, Teleportation
Personality: Attentive, Quiet


Tagetes looked up to his brown dragon. Had Cuath really one day been smaller than him? Had he really helped feed the big lunk of dragon that was standing before him? 
"That was years ago." Cuath noted.
As always, he was a dragon of little words. He always worked hard and did his training. He didn't deny others help, though he was sometimes a bit cryptic in his advice, making it hard for others to truly feel he was helping them. But most of all, he had filled a gap in Tagetes heart, replaced the ache with fond memories of a past era. His life was so different now, filled with tasks and dreams he had never thought possible. But one of those dreams was most urgent. 
"I think it's time we go back." Tagetes said.
"I'd very much like to meet your mother." Cuath agreed.
"Let's get Laelia. I'm thinking she's probably getting ready to leave too."
"It will be good to have a friend when we return, someone with the same training."
Tagetes nodded and together they left to face their future at the home he'd left. People had told him how he could return there and then, but he'd never attempted a leap as far back as that. But there was no time like the present to try.
"We'll succeed." Cuath assured him. 
Half an hour later, Tagetes, Laelia and their dragons appeared above his mother's hut. Smoke rose from the chimney and the Chentuu were grazing nearby even though there was a large reptilian nearby. For a moment Tagetes tensed until Cuath told him:
"She's one of ours and sends her greeting."
At the same time, Laelia noted two antlered dragons, one bronze and one green, circling above and making plans to land.
"They are joined by their riders who know you." Jicarath told his rider, "And very happy to see you have returned."
"Time to catch up!" Tagetes called, more excited then he'd ever been. He was home.


Lantessama Isle