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Name: Agneta
Age: 27
Gender: Female

Appearance: Agneta has long blond hair she keeps tied away from her face. She has a long straight nose, thin lips and bright blue eyes that are framed by distinct eyebrows. She has a slender build with narrow shoulders, and sinewy limbs. She could pass for a young boy if she dressed accordingly.
Personality: Agneta is a tenacious young woman with a cold demeanour. She isn't used to getting help and wants to make it on her own. She has little patience for people who can't keep up with her. She keeps a tight lock on her emotions and expects others to do the same.
Short Bio: Agneta was born in a university city as the daughter of two lectors. From a young age she was left free to explore her own strengths and weaknesses. There was never a doubt that she would follow in her parents' footsteps. As she matured, Agneta found her innate understanding of math and developed it.
Skills & Hobbies: Math, logic and cryptic puzzles, reading.

Pets: --
Bond: Clouded Bronze Golds Kedalth (f) and Ledalth (f) from Isla Weyr


The day dawned with a commotion about rearranged eggs that meant no-one really knew which eggs belonged to which dragoness. The people in power seemed to have argued and dealt with the situation though. It took several more hours for the eggs to start rocking and the hum to begin in the Weyr from the dragons. The IGPC Geneticists had given up trying to put the eggs back in order and were already setting up near the Barracks to take ichor samples of the hatchlings for testing to make sure the Records were kept straight.
Candidates were brought in, by foot or by wing. All the eggs that had been around Flynnth had been moved out on the sands (after a few arguments with the golden queen), evenly spaced and perfect for candidates to gather around. Trying to keep eggs with their mothers was pointless and a number of females left to watch the hatching from the ledges or on the side. As it was, many of the candidates had no idea where the egg they had touched and felt a pull toward during the Egg Touching Ceremony was so they all just formed a semi-circle around the tiny rocking eggs.
The little queen egg which had ‘magically’ appeared, remained cradled in Flynnth’s front claws. Since she had given the Searchriders no time to Search proper queen candidates, only a few girls who decided they wanted to try for the gold made their way toward Flynnth. Some were bolder than others and others recoiled and rejoined the rest of the candidates when Flynnth growled and hovered over the egg.
By the time the last stragglers - both candidate and spectator - had made it to the sands, the first of the eggs had finally broken apart. The shells, which were still thick but far more breakable than in the past, shattered and the first hatchling stepped forward on small, dainty legs while shaking its head as if confused. It was pure white and a mixed response came from the crowd. If bronze was lucky, what did white mean?
Unfortunately, having the hatchlings break their shells one at a time and bond in an orderly, easily recorded manner was just...not going to happen. Within the next few seconds, almost eight hatchlings had finished emerging from their shells. The chaos of a Hatching began.
Two twins - their hide a clouded mixture of bronze and gold - separated from the rest of the emerging hatchlings, navigating the sea of tiny, rocking eggs, and came to a bounding halt in front of Agneta. The young woman looked between the two, sensing she needed to choose but her mind was making that very hard as both tiny hatchlings were pressing for Impression. When Agneta resided, confused and almost frightened - she didn’t want to upset either of these adorable twins - the two began to nip at each other. Agneta cried out and reached for both of them. Her mind was overwhelmed with the love and adoration of both - as well as the sibling rivalry that was still lingering between them. “You don’t have to fight!”
Both hatchlings looked at each other, their faceted eyes blinking once before they turned with unerring adoration to their new rider. We won’t!
Except I want the most food!
No, I want the most food!
I hatched first and I’ve been hungrier first!
Agneta winced. “Longer,” she corrected, bapping the one she knew was Kedalth on the nose.
Longer! Kedalth cried, turning on her twin and puffing out her little chest.
Agneta led Keldalth and Ledalth off the sands, trying to keep the two from arguing. In the stands, a young man couldn’t help but grin up as his own twin blues that had both proclaimed him as theirs in the same moment. The fact that he had been four and the weight of Impression had been lost on him had been meaningless to K’mian at the time. His two blues still vied for his attention as his favorite but he loved both so dearly he knew he could never choose. He made a note to go say hi to Agneta later - because.

Kedalth - Ledalth
Parents: white Syobeth x shimmer copper Chauroth

Kedalth: optimistic, passionate female sport dragon, Length: 34'5", Height: 5'5"
Ledalth: considerate, passionate female sport dragon, Length: 34'5", Height: 5'5"


Months had passed and the routine of weyrling classes, dragon care and exhausted slumber had ingrained itself upon the Gremynian scientists. Both used to making long hours thinking hadn't exactly prepared them to being physically as active at the same time but they were coping. 
"I can fly the furthest." Kedalth proclaimed.
"No I can go way further than you." Ledalth argued.
"As long as you know that I am faster." Parurth parried. 
Though gold and bronze were higher up in the command chain, all three of the dragons were categorised as "sport", which meant they were smaller than most other dragons and of the three Parurth was biggest and he was part cream, an unusual colour. So naturally, Parurth felt he was better than the metallic clouded twins. Of course the twins didn't follow his logic and turned to him in unison.
"I'm fastest!" 
Agneta couldn't take the argument any longer and sighed:
"I'm pretty sure all of you are slower than the adult dragons at current. You still have a lot of growing to do. 
"Though I'd prefer you don't grow too big." Ernst added, "I'd like to go back to the fortress and having a personal guard would be tremendously handy."
"We should ask Z'rin for that spell he used to shrink his dragon." Agneta interjected.
"Is that how Kodaith got there? I was busy with the mechanism so I honestly didn't see it. I thought he'd summoned his dragon from somewhere." Ernst admitted.
"Do you think we'll ever get back?" Agneta asked. She'd almost given up hope but somewhere that last section of fortress she'd not been able to map niggled on her mind.
"Why wouldn't we? I've seen other dragonriders leave to return to their homes."
"Showing up with dragons would be strange though." Agneta said as she tried to imagine the different scenarios. Would they be horrified? Or interested? Or indifferent? Dismissive? She had no clue.
"Well if there's a spell to scale them down it shouldn't be that hard to hide them. Who knows how many people already have dragons on Gremyne? There sure are rumours enough to safely assume we wouldn't be the first."
Because Ernst definitely wanted to get back to his own study and experiments. Probably when their dragons were older and more behaved. But at some point they'd have to get a bit less energetic, or at least he hoped so. 



"I'm going to rise first." Ledalth said, for once getting ahead of her sister though she was the most considerate of the two.. 
"As if. I'm rising first." Kedalth replied, her passionate nature not letting her ignore the challenge.
"Ladies, if anything, I'm signing you up for a joint flight. And while you're at it, you can battle out all of your other contests at the same time. Who can fly furthest, who can fly fastest, who can fly highest...." Agneta said, summing up several more challenges the two of them had been fighting about since hatching. Life with two dragons, even if they were sport-sized, was entertaining to say the least. Luckily they'd grown up enough to leave her out of the bickering - or maybe she should say she'd gotten used to tuning out the constant drone of dragon chatter while working.
"Besides ladies, "she said, "first you must choose where to rise." 
The two twin dragonesses looked at each other and realised they would have to agree on a place. Because staying on the ground while the other was in the air just wouldn't be an option. Their biorhythms were tuned to the second after all. 
e'll get back to you."
they stated and left Agneta to her work.



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