Name: Nyaka
Age: 16
Gender: male
Description: Nyaka is average built for a boy his age, a bit thin from running around a lot chasing cattle. He has thick blond hair that hangs down to his ears and clear brown eyes. He's a very kind soul who does not complain even if the work is hard. He supports his mother and brothers and has done so since his father left them 3 years ago. He's passive in nature and easily gets pulled into other people's troubles. He's stubborn once he's started on a path and works his way through problems in stead of around them.
Pets: Green Ceadra Tuge (m)


Storm clouds gathered at the horizon and a lone lightning strike split the distant skies. And yet there were people out and about. The nekrats had alerted the Islanders that the eggs were hatching. The waters were churning as the rising currents met the quivering of the eggs. Adult nekrats had formed a barrier around the bay, making sure that the eggs could hatch safely. Airborn and flightless dragons had come to watch from the land. Some humans were braving the coming storm to witness the hatching and the candidates were lining up, standing with their feet in the shallow waters between the eggs. The candidates who'd been found were diverse. There were humans of course, but also shapeshifters like the otter defore, avangaean sea dragon and the eel pony. As they'd waited for the clutch to hatch, new water sports had been introduced to Lantessama and friendly (or sometimes fierce) competition had been waged between the natives and the visitors. 
Last to hatch was a sleepy green-coloured swamp male. He lazily made his way to the former cattle hand from Gremyne and decided that the boy was a good fit. 
"My name is Tazrin." he said, "I'd like to meet the other nekrats at Dawn Cove." After all, it paid off to have a lot of help around.
With all nekrat kits safely bonded, the spectators quickly sought refuge before the rain started to fall. The new pairs were escorted to the northern cliffs where caves on and below the waterline offered housing for those that didn't have a permanent residence on Lantessama. 

Swamp Tazrin (m)


The two young lovers found themselves alone on the summer evening. Dawn Cove has retired for the night, with the warmth of summer there hadn't been a need for fires and the light of the stars was bright enough to give the world a soft magical glow.
Hanari had kept her hair loose, feeling the soft breeze tug at some of the loose strands. Nyaka, keeping his own hair short, loved to run his hands through the long black tresses. It'd been 3 years since they'd left for another world. Maybe it would be more apt to say that their bodies had only aged three years because some unforeseen shadowy happenings had stretched time in such a way that neither exactly knew how old they should consider themselves now. The three years was a convention they'd settled on but the experience gained was that of about a decade. 
"I'm so happy you're here." Hanari said, feeling the truth in her words. 
The two of them had gotten closer as they waited to bond at Lantessama and luckily the time apart hadn't made these feelings fade. 
"I'm so glad you took care of everyone here while I was away." Nyaka added, referring to his family that had also taken refuge at the cove after he and Hanari had fled the city they'd previously lived in.
"They're great people." Hanari said, "They made me feel like I was already part of their family."
"That's because you are."
In the water, the two nekrats held their own version of pillow talk, Deep Sea Mazorun entwining her tail with Swamp Tazrin, stroking her flexible fins across the sleek body of her mate. The olive-coloured male lazily reciprocated the gentle touching and pulled his mate down to the deeper waters of the bay.

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