Name: Hanari
Age: 15
Gender: female
Description: Hanari has long black hair she usually keeps braided or loose (when dancing). She has an unblemished porcelain skin, bright blue eyes and a fragile build. As a dancer she is expected to keep into shape and to remain flexible. Hanari has no where else to go than the temple and thus can only work in hopes of staying there as long as possible. very few temple dancers find honourable work when they've grown too stiff to perform the difficult figures. As a person Hanari is passionate and a dreamer. She longs to travel and see the world.
Pets: Dragonders Arua (f) and Gerio (m)


Night had fallen and stars twinkled in the sky when one of the donated nekrat eggs in the bay started to vibrate. This early bird solicited replies from his four fellow eggs and together they started to shake and wobble. The stirring of the water grew until even the air dragons could not deny the awakening of new life. They started to hum a slow, submerged tune that was different from the sounds they made during a hatching, but not that different to the ears of humans.
The first egg to hatch was the egg that had first started rocking. The hatchling inside was impatient for sure. Like a very local thunderstorm the storm nekrat moved across the bay, searching for his bond, the orca-shifter Ira. As if they'd waited for the storm to bond the four remaining eggs all hatched at once. Little explosions of air made fountains of water as tails, heads and fins dove into air and water. A bright sand female looking pale in the moonlight, a female rock with a blue colour that seemed to blur the edge between water and night sky, a male green well with dark skin and green fins and lastly, a sapphire deep sea female that shone like a precious water gem whenever she jumped up from the water all swam to their chosen humans.
"Hanari!" the deep sea said, as she swirled around the girl's legs, "Look! I can dance as good as you!"
"You are quite good, Mazorun." the dancer laughed.

Sapphire Deep Sea Mazorun (f)


The two young lovers found themselves alone on the summer evening. Dawn Cove has retired for the night, with the warmth of summer there hadn't been a need for fires and the light of the stars was bright enough to give the world a soft magical glow.
Hanari had kept her hair loose, feeling the soft breeze tug at some of the loose strands. Nyaka, keeping his own hair short, loved to run his hands through the long black tresses. It'd been 3 years since they'd left for another world. Maybe it would be more apt to say that their bodies had only aged three years because some unforeseen shadowy happenings had stretched time in such a way that neither exactly knew how old they should consider themselves now. The three years was a convention they'd settled on but the experience gained was that of about a decade. 
"I'm so happy you're here." Hanari said, feeling the truth in her words. 
The two of them had gotten closer as they waited to bond at Lantessama and luckily the time apart hadn't made these feelings fade. 
"I'm so glad you took care of everyone here while I was away." Nyaka added, referring to his family that had also taken refuge at the cove after he and Hanari had fled the city they'd previously lived in.
"They're great people." Hanari said, "They made me feel like I was already part of their family."
"That's because you are."
In the water, the two nekrats held their own version of pillow talk, Deep Sea Mazorun entwining her tail with Swamp Tazrin, stroking her flexible fins across the sleek body of her mate. The olive-coloured male lazily reciprocated the gentle touching and pulled his mate down to the deeper waters of the bay.

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Nekrats impressed at Lantessama Isle