Name: Gejuisu
Age: 30
Gender: male
Description: Gejuisu has short brown hair and blue eyes. He's tall with broad shoulders and strong arms. As the owner of a small caravan he has the responsibility to keep his merchandise safe from bandits. Trusting himself more than any stranger he has taken that task upon himself. He only hires those he know he can trust and pays them whatever they ask for. As a person Gejuisu is calm and collected. He protects what is close to him and rarely feels the need to venture out or explore. He's content with his life and does not like to change it.
Pets: Red-Blue-Purple Dragonder Reiki (m)


Night had fallen and stars twinkled in the sky when one of the donated nekrat eggs in the bay started to vibrate. This early bird solicited replies from his four fellow eggs and together they started to shake and wobble. The stirring of the water grew until even the air dragons could not deny the awakening of new life. They started to hum a slow, submerged tune that was different from the sounds they made during a hatching, but not that different to the ears of humans.
The first egg to hatch was the egg that had first started rocking. The hatchling inside was impatient for sure. Like a very local thunderstorm the storm nekrat moved across the bay, searching for his bond, the orca-shifter Ira. As if they'd waited for the storm to bond the four remaining eggs all hatched at once. Little explosions of air made fountains of water as tails, heads and fins dove into air and water. A bright sand female looking pale in the moonlight, a female rock with a blue colour that seemed to blur the edge between water and night sky, a male green well with dark skin and green fins and lastly, a sapphire deep sea female that shone like a precious water gem whenever she jumped up from the water all swam to their chosen humans.
"Gejuisu." the well spoke, "I hope you like green. In fact, I hope you don't mind dressing to match me."
"You'd love that, wouldn't you, Chunyon?" Gejuisu smirked not intending to ever wear green again.

Green Well Chunyon (m)


Some time had passed while Gejuisu waited at Dawn Cove for his wife to impress at the next Lantessama Clutch. She'd stayed behind with two younger Gremynian natives while he'd returned with the ones who'd already impressed. They could have stayed behind, the excuse that they needed to keep watch on the bay was not a very valid one since they could have just portaled back in a few days after they'd left. Somehow though, the idea of splitting up had sounded good, almost like he'd known stuff would go crazy. 
Communication had cut off just a few months after he and the younger bonded Gremynians had left and for a while nobody had known what'd happened. The nekrats mentioned they couldn't find Lantessama for a while, like it had been shielded away. Still they had assured everyone that it was still around and would return. And it had. 
And now Deriaki, Nyaka and Diraye were coming back to Dawn Cove with their respective bonds. 
"I can't wait." Chunyon said, "I hope Deriaki's bond is green."
"Somehow I doubt that very much." Gejuisu said, still not knowing the origin of his nekrat's obsession with the colour green. Sure it was pretty... but?
Suddenly the nekrat went rigid and he said: "They've arrived!"
Gejuisu rushed out and indeed saw his wife out in the sea in front of the beach, riding a brown-tinged nekrat. Behind her Nyaka and Diraye had travelled in on their respective nekrats. 
As the rock-steady brown nekrat closed the distance and gave an appreciate wink to Chunyon, the male nekrat said: "I think my new favourite colour is brown."

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Nekrat and dragonder impressed at Lantessama Isle