Name: Deriaki
Age: 29
Gender: female
Description: Deriaki was never described as beautiful, but she definitely is interesting. She has long blond hair she wears in an intricate hairdo and deep grey eyes that can be as hard as steal and as quick to change as mercury. She looks plump, but she actually has a lot of muscle. Personality-wise she is loyal and dependable. She comes of as an aloof, carefree even selfish person but she has a big heart and strong sense of justice.
Pets: White Ceadra Turiina (f)


Storm clouds gathered at the horizon and a lone lightning strike split the distant skies. And yet there were people out and about. The nekrats had alerted the Islanders that the eggs were hatching. The waters were churning as the rising currents met the quivering of the eggs. Adult nekrats had formed a barrier around the bay, making sure that the eggs could hatch safely. Airborn and flightless dragons had come to watch from the land. Some humans were braving the coming storm to witness the hatching and the candidates were lining up, standing with their feet in the shallow waters between the eggs. The candidates who'd been found were diverse. There were humans of course, but also shapeshifters. As they'd waited for the clutch to hatch, new water sports had been introduced to Lantessama and friendly (or sometimes fierce) competition had been waged between the natives and the visitors. 
As the winds picked up, a small fountain of water shot up and the first nekrat announced it's hatching with a musical hum. Three more eggs hatched in unison, spraying the nearby candidates with water. An earthy brown rock nekrat made her way to caravan owner of Dawn Cove. The woman was steady as a rock and hard as granite. The rock liked her instantly. 
"Deriaki," she said, "I want to come with you. My name is Adelynha."

Brown Rock Adelynha (f)


Deriaki looked out over the well-known vista that Dawn Cove offered and sighed, happy to be home again at last. The unnerving events that had happened at Lantessama hadn't felt like regular time away from her husband. They'd sometimes had split up the caravan or had taken on side-jobs to make ends meet. But this extended time apart without contact had felt quite different. Having some peaceful time at home felt like just the thing.
"Ah but we might just need to relocate." Adelynha told her.
"Why?" Deriaki asked, feeling a slight panic coming on.
"I might have promised Chunyon a mating swim to celebrate our homecoming."
"That somehow seems counter-productive." Deriaki said.
"Oh it won't." Adelynha assured her, "He's waited long enough for me." 

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Nekrats impressed at Lantessama Isle