Once upon a Time in Verona

Name: Veronique
Gender: Female
Age: 17

Appearance: Veronique is on the curvy side of the spectrum. She enjoys baking, cooking and eating and can usually be found carrying some kind of sweet. She has dark brown hair that falls straight to her shoulders and hazel eyes. Since she likes cooking her hair is usually braided or tied up in a bun for hygienic reasons. She's a bit taller than an average woman, but not much. She wears practical clothing and has a preference for the colour green. 
Personality: Veronique enjoys her time in the kitchen so her grades are mediocre (except in home-ec). It's not that she isn't smart, she just doesn't like to waste the effort for things she isn't going to use anyway. She likes cats and plays with them every free moment she can get. 
Short bio: Verona is the third child in a middle class family. Her father works as an accountant and her mother is a shopattendant. Her older brothers, Stephan and Vincent, are studying in college. Because she doesn't get a large allowance (money is tight with all these students), Veronique has taken up selling what she makes to get some extra cash. 
Pet: Andrez, 2.5 years old 
Hobbies: Baking and cooking. 

Dragon: --
Gender: --
Size, Colour & Type: --
Personality: --
From: Istabitha Weyr (Valentine 2021 Clutch)



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