Once upon a Time in Verona

Name: Andrez
Gender: Male
Age: 2.5 (human conversion: 19)

Appearance: In cat-form, Andrez is ginger cat with black stripes on his legs and tail. He has calm yellow eyes. His built is on the smaller side for a male cat, but he is very fast and agile. In human-form, Andrez is a small, slender man with thick, short black hair and a moustache. Though slender, he has the strength and control of a gymnast.
Personality: Andrez is a laid back gentleman that enjoys to prowl the town and see the sights. Lately he met this white feline that's been occupying his mind. Since they visit each other often, their owners have also met and seem to be hitting it off. 
Short bio: Andrez is part of a new cat species that is taking Verona by storm. Little do the humans know that the cats are actually cat-shifters slowly infiltrating their world. The real cats know of course, but usually don't care as long as the food and attention keeps coming. 
Owner: Veronique 
Hobbies: Sleeping, sneaking food Veronique made. 

Dragon: --
Gender: --
Size, Colour & Type: --
Personality: --
From: Istabitha Weyr (Valentine 2021 Clutch)




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