Female, 18

Description: Styna is a blond dominatrix. She has brown eyes and a body to be jealous of. She isn't very tall, but she makes that up in presence. When Styna walks in the room, people just feel her presence and look her way. 
To be honest, Styna doesn't get a kick from that attention. There are only a few things that she considers satisfactory, most of them involve being in control over others.
She fell for Adam because he is the most willing slave she has ever had. The more she hurts him, the more he desires her. It's a twisted relationship, but it seems to work.
Styna likes Role playing, black leather clothes, chokers, chains, handcufs and of course, the whip.

Male, 19

Description: Adam has sandy brown hair, blue eyes and has the body of an athlete/ model. He does some modelling in his spare time, though it's becoming harder to camouflage the bruises and cuts on his body.
Adam's psyche is complicated. He has always missed a father figure in his life and missed discipline. He could have taken a career in the army, but in stead he chose to transform his feelings of inadequacy into a weird sexual preference. Adam likes to be hurt. He would hurt himself if he had the nerves for it, but he hasn't. This is also the reason why he adores Styna. He is just amazed by her talent to bring pain (and lust) and has dubbed their relationship very fulfilling.

Warning! Story contains adult content

Lantessama Isle - Healing Den
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