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NAME: Tinnin
AGE: Undisclosed (presumably youngish adult)
GENDER: Female
SPECIES: Pacific Mer
RANK: Noble/Imposing 

DESCRIPTION: Tinnin is as purebred as they come. She has long pointed ears that are very sensitive. She lacks hair as it only serves to get tangled in the ocean waters. two browridges of scales protect her pupilless eyes. Her nose is wide and her lips are full. Her pure breeding makes her very appealing but also quite imposing to others of her species. Tinnin has acquired the habit of scowling. 
PERSONALITY: Tinnin was brought up believing that she was better than others. Over the years she has seen a lot of things that have made her question the teachings she's been handed. She is intelligent and is very capable to decide things for herself. She knows she'll probably be married off to some other perfect specimen of mer but is seeing the strain of inbreeding in her relatives. Her sight is set on someone else, but he's someone she cannot possibly pursue. 
LIKES: Authority, Knowledge and Muscle.
DISLIKES: Politics (but knows to play the game), Her lack of hair (she covers up) and Official Events.  

PETS: Has a pet Moray Eel by the name of Amat that guards her room. 

Spring had settled on Lantessama Isle and the waters were stirring with life. Candidates had been found, others had just shown up as destiny had a way to bring the right people where they needed to be. Nekrats had tried as best as they could to mark the location of all these porous eggs and dragons, people and mers had kept a close eye on them over the past months. And it seemed that they were now ready to hatch. Soft scratching could be heard coming from the inside of the eggs. Tremors rippled the surface. And the ocean was awash with excited chatter. It didn't take long for the gathered candidates to receive a map and be sent on their treasure hunt. 
A stray bunny dragon came out to peek at all the commotion but didn't care to follow the candidates as they set off into the deeper waters. The morning sun illuminated a few stray tails as they splashed the surface to dive deeper and then the waters around Lantessama were calm again. Though the Bay would have provided a secluded place, none of the peculiar eggs had appeared there. Most likely because it was too crowded. In the past months no-one - neither human nor draconic - had admitted to have had a hand in the appearance of the coral eggs as they'd come to be called. No-one had spotted strangers and no-one had heard any clues. It seemed like the eggs had just popped up right out of the planet. Maybe the coral reefs had spawned them. Maybe it was a recurring, though rare occurrence. Only time would tell.
Near one of the coral reefs to the main continent, Lothan was circling his mistress Tinnin. The pureblood noble merwoman was getting fed up with his protective behaviour when she so clearly had other plans with the beefy protector. She decided she could tease him a little and cloaked herself in a concealment spell. She'd never told anyone she'd been practicing this and normally nobles had very little magic. But this she could manage and it would rattle Lothan. She hastily shimmied away and pushed herself against the coral edge to hide. Only she miscalculated and the coral gave way under the pressure and she suddenly found herself in a secluded bay with a number of eggs.
Dropping her spell, she popped her head back out and called: "Lothan! here!"
All thoughts about teasing were forgotten when two of the eggs cracked open and a yellow male and pink female appeared. The yellow male was chubby and slow but seemed strong while the pink female was small and lightning fast. It was no wonder then that she was the first to make a move. She jumped into Tinnin's hands and snuggled under her the woman's shawl.
"You smell nice, of seaweed. My name is Meandrina, nice to meet you." she said.
"It's Nori n5." Tinnin smiled, "I'm quite fond of that scent as well.
Alongside them, the yellow male trotted over to Lothan, sat down in front of him and extended a front leg: "I'm Porit."
"Lothan" the merman replied and took hold of the small paw.

swirled Pink Meandrina (f)



Lantessama Isle
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