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NAME: Nestor
AGE: Youngish Adult
SPECIES: Atlantean Mer
RANK: Minor Noble/Medium Threat

DESCRIPTION: Nestor has a very pale skin that appeals to most of the darker-coloured Atlantean mers. He has the wide open nose that's prevalent in nobles and nicely shaped pointed ears. Somewhere in his lineage one of his ancestors must have had an affair outside of the general Atlantean genepool since he has inherited eyebrows. The two shapely arches of white hair give him an exotic look. His hair is likewise paler than what most are used to.   
PERSONALITY: Nestor is a minor noble and was brought up to always be aware of protocol and the public view. He's learned to pick his friends carefully and to never open his heart completely. Recently his family has been urging him to find a match and to continue the line. Though Nestor is not all that keen on the idea he believes he has found a likely mate and is trying to woo her though she isn't making it easy for him.
LIKES: Alone time, Animals and Brown Algae
DISLIKES: Gossip, Prejudice and Proper Attire.  

PETS: A small crab that joins him wherever he goes. He's been calling her "Latifah". 

Spring had settled on Lantessama Isle and the waters were stirring with life. Candidates had been found, others had just shown up as destiny had a way to bring the right people where they needed to be. Nekrats had tried as best as they could to mark the location of all these porous eggs and dragons, people and mers had kept a close eye on them over the past months. And it seemed that they were now ready to hatch. Soft scratching could be heard coming from the inside of the eggs. Tremors rippled the surface. And the ocean was awash with excited chatter. It didn't take long for the gathered candidates to receive a map and be sent on their treasure hunt. 
A stray bunny dragon came out to peek at all the commotion but didn't care to follow the candidates as they set off into the deeper waters. The morning sun illuminated a few stray tails as they splashed the surface to dive deeper and then the waters around Lantessama were calm again. Though the Bay would have provided a secluded place, none of the peculiar eggs had appeared there. Most likely because it was too crowded. In the past months no-one - neither human nor draconic - had admitted to have had a hand in the appearance of the coral eggs as they'd come to be called. No-one had spotted strangers and no-one had heard any clues. It seemed like the eggs had just popped up right out of the planet. Maybe the coral reefs had spawned them. Maybe it was a recurring, though rare occurrence. Only time would tell.
The Atlantean Mermaid Odjured was being pulled along by her far more handsome and far more noble companion Nestor, who didn't seem to realise her reservations about the situation. He just dragged her along with a strange sense of urgency. He'd never felt more liberated in his entire life then here and now, being his own man and not being bound by protocol. Nestor imagined Tinnin felt similar though they had lost sight of the Pacific companions early on in the festival. A small tug on his hand caught his attention.
"Over there!" Odjured motioned to the two eggs that seemed to be resting against a sandy slope.
"Are they ours?" Nestor wondered.
"If not they'll just go look for their bonds, I guess." Odjured guessed.
She wasn't exactly worried of not bonding, you couldn't miss that which you had never known. And there were plenty of eggs, so they could try again. The blue-skinned mermaid brushed her hand across the surface and hastily pulled it back when the shell shattered. A bright orange female dropped out and rolled against her tail.
"Oomph." she thought, "Glad you aren't a rock."
"Same here, Nephtya." Odjured giggled.
"What's so funny?" another small voice asked.
When Odjured turned, Nestor was cradling a bright purple dragon with lighter markings.
"Girls like to whisper about the most peculiar things." Nestor confided in his new bond.

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Lantessama Isle
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