Motorboat Mayhem
- Based upon a true story, but gravely, gravely exaggerated -
Some swearing and other profanities are in the story, but nothing graphic.

Ylessa, Elkenjy and Indan are candidates at Darkling Dawn

Elkenjy looked up over the edge of her sunglasses and scanned the water. She and her friends had been in this 'wonderful' resort for a week now and not one thing had happened. The brochure that had caught their attention, she remembered it having a red cover - the colour of danger, had promised adventure, romance, sex!
"Damned!" she said.
"What?" Ylessa asked.
"You heard me! I said damned! Do I violate any of your rules now?" Elkenjy sneered back at Ylessa.
"No..." Ylessa said hesitating.
"Come on guys, don't fight. It's too hot!." Indan butted in.
"Heat! That's exactly my point! All we get is heat and sand in our pants and various other places I won't say the name of in Ylessa's presence." Elkenjy started again.
"I'm not that body-shy!" Ylessa exclaimed.
Before Elkenjy could reply fiercely to that claim Ylessa got up and walked away. She only knew the two other girls through a shared acquaintance and this vacation wasn't turning out as she had expected it to be. Elkenjy was constantly cursing and Indan never took her side. Ylessa knew that when she had stayed the other two would eventually just have stood up and left her. Ylessa didn't like to be left.
"I wish I had never gone on this trip." she said, "they are so...evil."
"Well thanks!" Ylessa heard behind her back. Indan.
Great. The one of the girls that was the least of her problems would now be totally against her too. And it was hot. And she was sweaty. And she wanted to be home. Ylessa knew she was being childish, but she just couldn't take it anymore.
"You are." she yelled over her shoulder. Why couldn't she swear properly?
"Oooh! I'm scared now!" Elkenjy shouted.
Ylessa suddenly stopped. Now she was totally screwed. "Darnit!" she whispered.
"Didn't expect me here? Did ya!" Elkenjy shouted sarcasticly.
She chuckled. How she loved getting that little Ylessa to blush. The vacation would have been better if Ada had been there. How that partly demonic woman could be friends with that whimpy girl, Elkenjy would never know. There was always something dangerous to do with Ada around. She prided herself in looking a bit like that wonderful woman. Elkenjy had short black hair, brown eyes and a thin nose. In the right light her eyes were almost red like Ada's. She was fatter than the insanely thin demoness, but Elkenjy had never seen Ada eat.
"Ada should have come. Not you." Elkenjy added.
Ylessa felt herself blush. Ylessa hated her blushing when she was angry. People always thought she was shy or embarrassed when in fact she just wanted to bash their heads. No-one would ever know what her relationship to Ada was. No-one. (well they will when I finish Ada's story *evil grin*)
Ylessa was painfully aware of the fact that she resembled Ada like night resembled day. Ylessa was blond, with blue eyes and a rather big nose. The two other girls had never understood why Ada had suggested her to go with them. It was all a sick joke, but Ylessa just couldn't refuse.
"You know Ada couldn't come." Indan remarked.
"Yeah, but why did she have to send this scaredycat? I've never seen her go to bed after 11pm!"
Indan shrugged. She didn't know, but Ada always had her reasons. Dark reasons probably. Indan sometimes frightened herself with her friendship with Ada. None of her other friends were like that, but the woman had a strange pull on her. She guessed it must have been the same for Ylessa.
Indan realised she had to get both of them something to do quick before they started a cat fight. Desperately she looked around, her brain working at top speed. Her blue eyes scanning the water and sky, the tip of her small nose in the air. A breeze picked up that made her long blond hair stir. And suddenly she had it.
"I know what we can do!" she yelled.
two sets of eyes looked back. "What?" Elkenjy asked.
"Take a motorboat and have a joyride!" Indan said.
"A joyride?" Ylessa looked doubtful.
"I know how to drive a motorboat. You won't be in any danger. Maybe Elkenjy can try once too." Indan said and then turned to Elkenjy:"You are trying for your driver's licence right?"
"It's just like driving a car. Even Ylessa could do it!"
"But I won't."
"No, of course not." Elkenjy, sarcastic.
Indan saw Ylessa twitch. She grabbed both their hands and started running.
"Come on now fast!"


A little while later, on the vast dock of the Island resort on the planet Irka, the three girls jumped into a motorboat and pushed themselves away from the walkway.
"Careful now, we don't want them noticing us yet."
"Why don't we want that?" Ylessa asked Indan.
"Because I don't have a licence. I just can."
Ylessa's eyes grew wide.
"And because they won't like us bothering the windsurfers." Indan continued.
Ylessa opened her mouth to reply when Indan opened to full throttle. The motorboat's nose rose high above the water and leapt forward. From then on Ylessa was too busy holding on to the boat to say much.
"Whoot! This is fun!" Elkenjy exclaimed. Her grudge from earlier frogotten.
"I told you it would!" Indan said, "Now let's see what these surfers can do!"
Ylessa had to shout to sound over the roaring engine: "Can't we just leave them alone?!"
"No!" Both the other girls exclaimed and laughed.
Soon they found the first surfer, a beginner by the look on his face when they rode by. With a scream he tumbled in the water. Sadly all the other surfers seemed to be good. They knew that facing their board in the direction of the waves solved whatever problem the girls posed.
Ylessa relaxed a bit. They weren't much of a bother. She did see a lot of angry faces around her. Angry wasn't good.
"Do you want to try Elkenjy?" Indan asked.
Ylessa grabbed the motorboat and clung to it harder than before. For a moment the sea was still when the two girls swapped place. Then they were of again. Ylessa could feel that Indan was the better driver. Elkenjy banged the motorboat back and forth, turning without letting her know.
Suddenly Elkenjy laughed and turned the motorboat right into the path of a surfer. The surfer, thinking the motorboat would turn like it had been doing so many times stayed on his path. Indan saw it too and tried to turn the wheel.
"Don't be foolish Elkenjy." she said.
"Oh come on, we were going to harass them. What you did could only be called bothering."
"Stop it Elkenjy!" Ylessa screamed from the back, her eyes closed.
"You whimps." On the last minute Elkenjy turned and averted the surfer that dropped from his board in pure astonishment.
Then a siren sounded. A boat with a blue flickering light started gaining on them.
"They've noticed us. Good going Elkenjy." Indan said disappointed.
"They won't catch us." She grinned and went faster.
"Elkenjy, that's the police! We have to stop! Running will make it worse!" Ylessa said. She knew.
"We're going to make it." Elkenjy insisted.
Then more policeboats appeared in front of them.
"You were saying?" Ylessa said rather wryly.
"Oh come on what are they going to do? Call our parents? I'm shaking"


"I told you you shouldn't act arogant!" Ylessa said.
"Like you know anything about cops you didn't learn from tv!"
Ylessa wisely shut up.
"Come on guys. Any ideas of how we're going to get out of this mess?" Indan asked pointing to the old spaceship around them. "Who knows where we'll turn up."
"I checked the flight board. Apparently a place called Darkling Dawn."
"I've never heard of it, must be a dump." Elkenjy noted.
"A dump where we'll be stuck for a year if  read the the timetables correctly!" Ylessa yelled.
"What? It's all my fault?"
"Yes!" Indan and Ylessa shouted.
"Well then, I'll", Elkenjy pointed to herself and looked at the other two, "will get us out."
"And how are you planning to do that? Indan asked.
"There will be transportation if they only have a ship there every year or so. We'll just hitch a ride."
"And you think they'll let us in for free?"
"Who knows what dumb idiots live there." Elkenjy shrugged, "For all I know they'll give us what we need."
Suddenly the ship fell out of hyperdrive. The journey had lasted a day, but that meant nothing, they could be in a whole different quadrant. A shudder went through the metal and the cargo door, where the girls had been confined opened.
"Welcome to Darkling Dawn." A voice said, "My name is Ellone and I'm here to guide you to your quarters."
"They have arranged a place for us to stay?" Indan asked.
The girl nodded, she was around their age, with brown hair and brown eyes. They couldn't get anything else out of the girl, but neither of the girls tried. When they left the ship they could only look up. The sky was filled with big flying animals in a range of colours.


Ylessa  -  Elkenjy  -  Indan

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