- Motorboat Mayhem -
- Based upon a true story, but gravely, gravely exaggerated -

Elkenjy impressed at Darkling Dawn

The hatching began on a dark evening. An evening Ada would have loved. Elkenjy shivered and rubbed some heat in her body. A cold wind entered the hatching acvern as the last candidates entered. Soon after the first egg broke and spilled a dark green female on the sands. Elkenjy had learnt a lot about dragons in the past 3 days. Greens and golds were females, Blues, Browns and Bronzes were males. But today only Greens, Blues and Browns were expected.
The dark green found her bond and the people in the stands sighed relieved as she found her bond. Not all dragons would bond humans. Even with the 2 that had arrived only hours before the hatching there were still 4 vacant eggs.
The second and third egg hatched revealing a blue and brown almost equal in size. Surprisingly the lower ranking (though large) blue was the first to chose. As it trotted towards her, Elkenjy didn't quite get it. Blues were male, they impressed boys and men.
Answering her unuttered question the dragon thought in her head: "Hey, Elkenjy. Yeah, Iím a boy, so what? Iím Hatenth, and youíre going to feed me, right?"
"Of course Hatenth." Elkenjy answered. She knew his name. It was too late to say no anyway... and that was exactly what the blue had known. Maybe this unusual bond would have it's advantages. Elkenjy and baby blue Hatenth left the sands to find some food for his rumbling stomach.
Elkenjy quickly glanced at Indan and Ylessa who were still waiting. "I will have the best dragon." she said to herself.
"Of course. You have me." Hatenth said with a sarcastic sneer.

Blue Hatenth


The next weeks and months Ylessa didn't have much time to worry about Elkenjy or Indan. In fact they were the least of her problems. Reath was growing and she'd picked up a Rukel, a creature indiginous to Darkling Dawn. And later today she'd have to meat with Indan and Elkenjy.
The three of them were so busy lately that they hardly had time to get together and chat. And as much trouble as the two of them had been for her before, she still missed them when they weren't around.
"They're your friends, right." Reath nudged.
"Yeah, I guess they are.
Meanwhile, Indan was busy grooming her Green Emath for the late night weyrling training class 'Flying stealth at night'. She'd managed to stay out of trouble for the most part. Too busy as they all were with training and adapting. And just when she'd gotten used to the changes, she'd had had to move into her own weyr.
"I like it here better though."
"Don't you miss the company of the other dragons?"
"Hmm... not really. I feel them all the time. It's you who misses your friends isn't it?"
"Great now you know how to search my brain."
"I learn fast." Emath quipped.
Across the weyr, Elkenjy was busy drilling her blue Hatenth. Though she hadn't wisened up as much as her two companions on that motorboat joyride, she did understand the importance of training. A well-trained pair could get away with more.
"I'll need to be a few seconds faster if i want to elude the watchdragon." Hatenth said.
"You can't seem to shave those last seconds off, can't you?"
"It's like I'm being kept back by something." he sighed, "If only SOMEONE would lessen the load."
"I guess you found out about the stones."
"I can only tolerate so much." he sneared.
"Fine then. We'll have to go to the meeting anyway."
"You sound so irritated, but I know you love them." Hatenth grinned, "Maybe I should tell..."
"You snitch!" Elkenjy dropped the stones from her sack onto the dragon's back.
"That's abuse you know!" Indan called from a couple of yards away.
"What trouble did you get in now?" Ylessa asked.
"Nothing." Elkenjy gritted her teeth.


Elkenjy looked at her smugly smiling dragon.
"You know I hate you for this?" she asked.
"I know you do."
"Then why are you still smiling?"
"Because I don't get to see you all riled up like this. The face you're making is wonderful."
"I'll teach you wonderful!" Elkenjy advanced on her dragon, ready to pounce him good for signing himself up in a random mating flight. For all she knew she'd get stuck with a female partner.
"I could still lose." Hatenth smirked.
"As if you'd lose! You'd play every dirty trick in the book to make me scream."
"I do it out of love." Hatenth giggled maliciously.
Elkenjy fumed in her own anger. There was absolutely nothing she could do. The two of them were signed up and weasling out of it was something she wouldn't do. There was no way she'd show weakness. Picking up on his rider's wicked thoughts, Hatenth added:
"I'll make certain I'm carefull the next coming weeks so I won't get hurt."
Elkenjy screamed.

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