Name: Siamun
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Description: Siamun is a short, muscled man with dark skin and eyes. His short black hair is hidden beneath his ceremonial headdress. Though he usually stays inside to manage the temple, Siamun is fit from running after his charges and has had to rescue them from all kinds of places. As such, he's keeping in shape so he proves up to the task. 
Personality: Siamun is an efficient man with a dedicated mindset and an unshakeable belief in the gods of Ancient Egypt. He serves at the temple for the goddess Mafdet - Piercer of Darkness, Protector of Ra, Scourge of Snakes - and takes his task serious.  He does worship the other gods and feels that's only natural as Mafdet has such a large role of protecting the other gods. 
Function: Keeper of Cats, Priest of Mafdet.
Skills: Physical strength and fitness, Patience, Dedication.

Family: Siamun grew up in one of the neighbouring villages. His family was devout and Siamun knew he would dedicate his life to the gods pretty early on. He studied hard and did anything he could to get admitted to the temple. His parents helped him, by petitioning to a distant relative in the priesthood. 
Pet: Ash Red Golden Shaded Aat (f) from from Dray's Adoptions
Bond: ?? from Isla Weyr (All Earth Clutch III)

Name: Aat (F143)
Coat: Ash Red Golden Shaded

Breed: Wild Eyes: Yellow
Size: 34 Domestication: 42
Friendliness: 18 Noisiness: 36
Genetic Code:
   BA/- (Hemizygous Ash Red)
   tcl//tcl (Homozygous Classic Tabby)
   Go//+ (Heterozygous Golden)
   ShSi//+ (Heterozygous Silver Shaded)
   +//+ (Homozygous Yellow Iris)
   Ash Red Dilute Golden Shaded Confit (F107)
   Ash Red Golded Shaded Pumpkin (M116)







Lantessama Isle
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