Name: Matia
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Description: Matia is a short-statured, dark-skinned woman with bright brown eyes, a straight nose with flaring nostrils and a small mouth. She is neither thin nor fat, watching what she eats because she doesn't have an active way of life. She spends most of her time lounging with the cats.
Personality: Matia is pretty laid-back. She isn't the most devout of people but has respect for those priests and priestesses who are. She feels herself lucky to have been given a task that she enjoys and she will do what she can to remain right where she is. She takes good care of the cats, but isn't the person who'll go look for them when they go missing. the cats are free creatures after all.
Function: Keeper of Cats, Priestess to Mafdet
Skills: Relaxation, Defusing a tense atmosphere.

Family: Matia was orphaned and taken in by the temple. As such it was natural for her to grow up to become a priestess, even if she's not that convinced of the teachings of the temple. But with her status, she will have no prospects on a 'normal' life and being the keeper of the cats is a cushy job anyway. 
Pet: Ash Red Chalky Bar Yuny (m) from Dray's Adoptions
Bond: ?? from Isla Weyr (All Earth Clutch III)

Name: Yuny (M082)
Coat: Ash Red Chalky Bar

Breed: Wild Eyes: Orange
Size: 34 Domestication: 42
Friendliness: 18 Noisiness: 36
Genetic Code:
   BA//b (Ash Red, Carries Brown)
   C+//C+ (Homozygous Barred)
   +//d (Carries Dilute)
   STC//+ (Heterozygous Chalky)
   +//+ (Homozygous Yellow Iris)
   Ash Red Dilute Bar Beurre (F009)
   Brown Chalky Bar Boule (M017)






Lantessama Isle
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