Vittoria Ricci

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Name: Vittoria Ricci
Age: 21
Gender: Female

Description: Vittoria is a young woman with a willowy build, small heart-shaped face, bright amber eyes  and dark hair that she keeps short and spiky. Vittoria is often referred to as "pixie" by her fellow crewmen because of her short stature and boyish looks. 
Personality: Vittoria is a little spitfire. She is spunky and ad-rem with a loud opinion that she voices without hesitation. Her character is much larger than her stature and she seems to take up more place than her physique would suggest. 
Short Bio: Vittoria grew up in an oceanside village that the pirates frequented and she often played with their sons, matching them in everything they dared her to do. So it didn't come as a surprise when she joined one of their crews. She mainly stays on board but will fight when necessary.
Hobbies: Dancing.

Pets: -
Drak: Fire Farhisu from Acicade Castle


Rowyahi tapped on the door and poked her head out:
"Gather the aspirantsss. It isss time."
Her mate Wonasu nodded and soon the buildings that comprised the forest rang with the call to the deep cavern. The five humans who had been judged hastily dropped what they were doing and made their way to the place where they hoped to meet their drak-companions. After the last aspirant had arrived and spectators had taken their seats, Wonasu tapped the door to let Rowyahi know that they were ready.
The wind drak from Wilgen emerged from behind the doors, her five draklings following behind her. Though partly obscured, the spectators could see a lot of brown and blue.
"Welcome." she told the audience, "I'll prezent my draklings and then they will choosze."
And with a little flourish, she called forward the first of her draklings. A tan-beige desert drak stepped forward without hesitation and made his way toward Zorah. Next a dark blue coloured wind drak with bright white wings seemed to skip and nearly trip across her feet. She steadied herself and slowed down a bit, but only long enough to make eye-contact with her chosen. She then rushed forward again and landed next to Emialus.
A red-yellow fire male stepped forward next. He looked around a bit, holding his head high, before he walked toward female pirate Vittoria.
"I've been told you're a pirate. Fire and water may not mix well but I'd like to prove people wrong about that."
"I've been told a lot of pirates pair with fire draks." Vittoria smirked, "But you seem to know more about me than I about you."
"My name is Farhisu. The rest you'll learn soon enough."


The smell of the salty sea water hit Vittoria and she immediately felt like she'd come home. Fresh water just didn't have that same appeal. Her fingers itched to get working and though flight on the back of a drak certainly had it's ups, she'd missed standing on the deck of a ship.
"I can't wait to go sailing." she told Farhisu.
"Would I fit on board?" her fire dra asked.
"I imagine so, though I don't know if more than two draks would fit."
The Chubby Lady wasn't all that big but then, who knew what jobs they'd get working for the Castle. Their draks might not need to be able to land on the deck anyway. Only the future would tell.
"But first we'll need to meet up with the others!" Vittora called, "And then we'll see."


Fire Farhisu joined the Bijl Armada at Dawn Castle.




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