Rafaello Ponti

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Name: Rafaello Ponti
Age: 26
Gender: Male

Description: Rafaello is a handsome man, tall and muscled with a tanned skin and thick brown hair. He keeps his hair tied back and his beard trimmed to look good and groomed. He has very light blue eyes that most ladies find very sexy. Rafaello is very agile and has quick reflexes that he gained from knife-fights. 
Personality: Rafaello is a flirt. He carries himself with flair and likes being in the spotlight. As such he doesn't often participate in the less than savoury expeditions of the pirates on "The Chubby Lady", but he is their scout and learns quite a lot by visiting local bars and charming a few disgruntled women.
Short Bio: Rafaello grew up in a bordello and learned at a young age what goes on between men and women. He used that knowledge to support himself while travelling around Icarus until he joined the crew of Donatello.
Hobbies: One-night stands.

Pets: -
Drak: Plant Nautisos from
Castle DesCas


Rafaello hurried toward the deep cavern. The news had been spread that the draklings would make there appearance right this minute. It probably befitted a princess drak to act out a little so the pirate took it all in stride. His stay at DesCas had been a lengthy one and he'd met the other aspirants, one of which had been plenty interested in a life on the sea. Although not for the usual reasons. No, the rather sickly-looking Grim was looking for his sister. As Rafaello knew a lot of the sea-faring women - and the port-dwelling ones too for that matter - he had been able to relay to Grim that his sister likely wasn't around.
Night Cophis waited for her knight to knock on the door and then she strode out, aware of her status as princess to the Castle, followed by her six draklings. Cophis turned to the aspirants and audience and greeted them.
"Thank you for coming to witnessss the mind pairing of thesze draklings."
A steady earth female stepped up first, eager to pair and start the journey that would be her life. Two draklings then approached their mother together. One was a female ore, the other a lightly coloured desert male. A bright teal and blue water female was the next to make her move.
And then a plant male slipped by his mother, having used her size to hide him. The plant was moving in the shadows of the walls and headed toward Rafaello, the well-groomed pirate.

"I'm Nautisos." he said quietly, "I want to sail!"


Nautisos had grown considerably and sailing was becoming a tricky endeavour as the drak was becoming too large to move easily on the ship. But as luck would have it, Nautisos also enjoyed swimming and he was usually somewhere close by when the Chubby lady and her crew was out on an urgent mission.
Nothing much had changed in the eyes of Rafaello, they were still working covertly and doing some things that probably couldn't see the law-abiding light of day. And they were still working to better their own lives and getting a thrill out of it. So all things considered, Rafaello was feeling quite good about himself.
"We're turning!" he called out to Nautisos.
The plant drak evaded a collision with the ship and swam behind her. He knew this course. They were heading to port. The mission was over and the day was coming to an end.
"Too bad." he bubbled below the surface, the water had been such a nice temperature today.

Nautisos and Rafaello joined the Bijl Armada at Dawn castle.
Life Mate: --




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