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"Welcome to our home!" A pale, young and very beautiful woman with a long black gothic dress came down one of the double staircases. A young man was standing in the large hallway that was lighted with black candles. On the walls were hanging paintings of old man, and it seemed that every one on the painting was looking at you, who was standing in the hallway. The man, dressed in a fashionable, all silk suit looked up. He couldnít see the sealing of the hall, but he wasnít impressed at all. He shifted his weight to his left leg and found a comfortable position for his slender, well build body.
The girl, pouting her lips, descended the rest of the stairs. She made herself look bigger by playing with the shadows in the hallway. Smiling sweetly she said: "Thank you for coming to my lair, Can I give you a kiss?" Giggling sweetly she stepped down from the last step and walked slowly to the man. The man, looking at the pretty woman, smiled when he saw the well formed hips and his hand slid to them. She almost had him in her magic, but then, loud bangs and cracks made the whole atmosphere go away. The woman turned around and ran (it seemed as if she was flying because you couldnít see her well formed feet under the dress) and screamed her lungs out: "You good for nothing servant, come here so that I can kill you!"
"Haat! Stop it and come back here. You failed the test."
"ButÖ It was because of Misslukien." The girl was standing in the middle of the staircase, and looked down on the man.
"You know better Haat."
"No buts, if you want to be worthy of your families name, you have to pass these test."
The girl was mimicking her teacher sarcastically.
"Haat, come down the stairs and into the library. You are going to study all night."
The womanís mouth fell open, then she looked with her most evil eyes to her servant, who was hiding in the shadows.


Haat walked into the library. This was one of the largest rooms in the castle filled with all the books anybody had ever seen. Most of the candles were posted here. The families teacher was seated in the rocking chair. He had his round glasses on his nose which made him look even more handsome, and he looked up from his latest book "a million ways to kill a man".
"Haat, why donít you come and sit there next to the fire place."
"Arenít you afraid that I might throw one of your precious books into the pretty fire?" She grinned at him.
"You need to learn to be more subtle Haat." The teacher grinned one of his special grins, just for her.
Her teacher stood up from the chair and walked to one of the shelves. "Oh no, not the history shelve.." Haat whispered loud enough for everybody to hear. The teacher looked over his shoulder and smiled at her. "And you need to learn how to shut your mouth when needed." He looked at all the backs of the books, and when he had found the one he was looking for, he hovered to it (ladders were so old fashioned) and took it as if it was his precious child. Haat snickered something between her breath that isnít for childrenís ears.
"Books are boring." Haat stated
"They are the most precious thing of men. Everything men know about is listed here. You could become the most powerful of all." Haat waited for a moment as she picktured herself as the most knowledgeable.
"No thanks.. I donít like the big head you get from all the knowledge."
Doortra hovered down and landed as a cat would. Although he was about 2000 years, he didnít show. He had eternal youth (as did every vampire) although his eyes told a different story. They were deep brown (very strange for a vampire since if a vampire was born (by a bite or birth) the eyes turned black as the night.)
He walked towards her and Haat looked up at him. The fire was reflected in the glasses which made him even more mysterious. Haat took the book and sighed as she saw the title. ĎThe history of your familyí.
Doortra grinned at her and walked back to his chair and went on reading.
Haat sighed irritated and opened her book. Just for a second did she thought of throwing it in the fire. But changed her mind as she saw the moving pictures of her ancestors.

"The family Von Drack, descendent of Lord Dracula, had a long line of members.
Then there is the Desyk Family. This family are the servants of the Von Drack family. Whenever a new member of the Von Drack family is born, a new member, born on the same date and hour, was bound with the baby. The Desyk Family would never die unless his bond would die."

Haat yawned and stretched her muscles. She wasnít very good at being still. She wanted to move, to explore and to battle.
"Why donít we go to the dungeons? Father has a new toy."
"Not today. You failed the test remember?" Doortra said, as he looked up at his pupil.
"But.. That wasnít my fault.."
"You have to learn how to use your magic. Not get distracted by every little thing."
"Sorry what were you saying? I got distracted." Haat said sarcastically. "Iím Bored Doortra.."
"Why donít you try again?"
"You get until daybreak to get me under your spell."

Haat walked outside, planning how to get him under her spell. He was difficult, because he was smart and wise. But she would get him. No matter what.
As he saw Haat walk outside the library, he walked through the different shelves and thought about how he could convince her to study.
Haat didnít know, but she was special. She had great potential. She was the 5th child of her parents, and the only girl in centuries.
The only bad thing about her was that he hadnít been her teacher from the start, and that her parents had learned her every way to make a man beg to die, but hadnít given her any love for books.
He knew that the Von Drack family was very wise and popular among vampires, but he just didnít coop with their training.
He heard a soft sound in the library and was back in the present in an instant.
"Whoís there?" He asked. As he said that, he played with the shadows casted by the candles.
"Me Sir. Miss Haat asked me to come and get you." Misslukien had entered the room when he wasnít paying attention. Misslukien had been very silent, almost too silent.
"Show me the way." He demanded the servant. Doortra walked first and after him Misslukien. It was normal for the servant to walk two steps after the one higher in rank. But as Doortra knew that something was wrong with Misslukien (normally he would fall and bump into you at least 5 times before leaving one room) he felt the web of magic being spinned around him.
"Almost Haat. But you need to be more subtle." He said as he turned around. Behind him was Haat, tapping her feet.
"Iíll show you!" She jumped him, and they fell on the ground in the hallway. Although he was more powerful in magic and knowledge, he didnít have that blunt force she possessed. But once on the ground, he could trick her by making her blind, or by disappear and then reappear somewhere else. This time, he used the disappear-reappear spell. And a second later, he had her in his spell.
"You see Haat.. Knowledge is better."
She pushed him away, and he hovered in mid air.
"I donít want to see. I will have you on my own way!"
She stood up and walked away slowly.


Haat had went to the dungeon and cooled her anger by killing her servant over and over again.
"How dare he! Doesnít he know who I am?" She threw her favourite weapon, an axe, towards Misslukiens head. It splat open, but instantly grew back.
"that hurt miss.."
"Iíll show him!" she took her dagger from between her breasts and threw it in the middle of Misslukienís chest.
"Dammit!" She ran towards her servant pulled the dagger out and then stopped.
"Iím sorry Misslukien. Why donít you take a rest."
"But miss.."
"No, I insist." She smiled sweetly. The servant went away and Haat was all alone. "I will put Doortra under my spell."

"Mister Doortra." Misslukien asked with a silent voice.
"Donít you know Misslukien?"
"Miss told me to take a rest."
"And you did? How long ago was this?"
"That was around 12 oíclock." Doortra stood up, and as he did, his book fell.
"I donít feel her. Sheís gone! And itís almost light!"
Doortra ran outside, followed by Misslukien. Doortra vagely thought that this was the first time that he had seen him not fall.

Outside, Doortra made Misslukien go first. Misslukien and Haat had a conection that would never break. Now it was useful to both of them.
They never thought of what would happen if the sun would come up. They travelled through the vast country side of the Von Drack family, and then, they found her, a small bundle of black clothing.
"Haat!" Doortra ran towards her and pulled her up. "Are you alright?"
He brushed away her raven black hair, and then saw her beautiful black eyes. He kissed her without thinking.
Catching her breath she whispered in his ear "I caught you in my web." And as soon as she had said it, he knew that is was all planned.
"Iím glad I did."
"Iím sorry to interrupt miss.. But the sun." Misslukien pointed at the first light.
"Doortra, This is your part."
"It is isnít it?" He grinned at Haat. He whispered some words in an old forgotten language and black fog swirled around the 3 of them.
"Iím bored Doortra." Was the last that you could here and then, as the fog vanished, so did the 3 vamipres.

"Youíre lucky itís dark where you send us."
"I knew that already. And there is more too." He grinnend mysterious
"What is it?"
"I wonít tell."
Haat pouted her lips and tried to make her web again.
"It wonít work this time." He said laughing. "Letís go"
Both Haat and Misslukien looked at each other, and then followed the walking teacher.
Haat was whispering to Misslukien, babbling about how she had been able to weave a web so powerfull that even Doortra fall for it. And Misslukien convinced Haat that she was just wonderful.

"Iím getting tired Doortra. When are we there?"
"Arenít you curious towards your present?"
"Yes, but you wonít tell me, and I wonít ask it."
"Youíre learning Haat." He winked to her "It wonít be long now. See those 3 peaks.. We have to go there."
"I do think that next time, You have to be more accurate."
"You know it doesnít work like that."
"Bla bla bla."
After another hour or so walking, they finally got to there destination, Lantessama.
"Finally!" Haat sighed as she fell down on a warm bed that she had gotten after entering something nobody would tell her.
She would soon find out though. Perhaps it was time to learn more with booksÖ

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