The great river split a land in two. In the beginning of times, the two villages were living happy together. But then something changed. The two villages separated from each other and became each others greatest enemies.

Juno was a girl, she had been married with a great man named Migard. She loved him deeply and she was really happy when she was having his baby. But all that happiness changed.
'Come back home soon..' Juno said to Migard
'Yes, I will. I have something to do and then I will come back.'
He walked to her and gave her a kiss. 'You know I love you..'  He whispered
'Yes I do. I love you too.' Juno smiled at him. Oh she loved that man.. Migard gave a little kiss on her tummy and then went out of the door. He had never told her what he was going to do. She wondered what it was. Maybe he was making a present for her or the baby. They already picked names for the little child. If it was a girl, she would be called Aura. If he was a boy, he would be called Patrick. She was thinking of all the things that could be what he was making. When her water broke.
What do I need to do?! Migrad isn't here... Juno was in panic when she remembered the girl from a few streets away. She was younger than her, but she was really nice. Juno trusted Flora. She felt that the baby was coming when she walked to Flora. She needed to be quick. She walked as fast as she could, sitting more of the time then she walked.
Then finally she saw the house of Flora.
'Flora!' She screamed. 'Flora!' Why didn't she wake up or answer her calling?
Then she saw that a little light was turned on. 'Thank god..' She whispered. She saw that Flora came out and ran to Juno. It was all slow motion for her. All was a haze for Juno. She couldn't say what happened that night.
Flora helped her through and when Aura came on the world Juno felt happy and sad at the same time. She was happy because she had Aura and she was sad because Migard wasn't there with her.
Where was he? 'Flora? Could you go and see where Migard is? Please?'
'Of course. You stay here and be with your newborn.' She smiled at Juno then she left.

It more than an hour for Flora to come back. Juno was worried sick. The town wasn't that big and everybody knew him so...
When Flora finally entered her house, she looked sad. There was something wrong. 'What's wrong?' Juno asked. She didn't like the look on Flora's face.
'It's Migard... He is dead..'
'No...' It was only a whisper. She didn't know what to do. It hurtled. 'No...' She said again. Then she started to cry. Flora took Aura from her. Juno hugged her pillow and she didn't stop crying. She loved him so much.. It couldn't be. It just wasn't true.. He was working on something for Aura... Yes... He wasn't dead... He was alive and working for Aura...

Flora entered the room again and sat down on the bed. 'Are you alright?'
Juno didn't answer.. She didn't want to talk She only wanted to cry.
'I know it's hard for you, but you have to think of Aura. She needs you...'
Juno stared in front of her.
'You have to look after Aura, Juno, she needs you'
'Aura....' Juno felt a sparkle of joy in her heart. 'Where is she?'
'Downstairs.. You'll have to come with me.' Flora helped Juno out of the bed and down the stairs. 'There she is.' Juno saw a little bed and when she came closer, she saw a little pink thing sleeping peacefully.
'She looks like Migard...' Juno wanted to cry again but she held herself strong.
'Yes. She's a little part of Migard.'
'Can I hold her?'
'Of course. Take her..' Juno went to the cradle and softly picked up the sleeping baby.
'She's so light...'  Juno smiled at her little baby. 'She's so pretty...'
'Yes she is.'

Weeks passed and Flora and Juno became good friends. Flora helped Juno where she could and when she needed something Flora was the first to help. The rest of the town didn't like a single mother razing a baby on her own. She wasn't capable of that. She had just lost her husband.
Now it was so that one of the villagers told to another that Aura was a demon. The whole town believed it and it didn't took long before the whole town wanted that baby gone. It didn't mater which way.

Juno heard the villagers talk behind her back and she went to Flora for advice.
’Yes?’ Flora asked.
’I need your help…’
’Come in Juno.’
The woman smiled. ‘Thank you Flora. I need your help. I don’t know what to do..’
’What’s wrong?’ Flora looked concerned.
’The whole town thinks that Aura is a demon.’
’Why would they think that this little sweet thingy is a demon.’ Flora looked at the little baby sleeping in the arms of her mother.
’Because Migard was killed when I gave birth to her.’
’You don’t believe it right?’ Flora asked.
‘Of course not! This is our child, the only thing that I have left in this world, and they want to take it away from me..’ Juno began to cry.
’No need to worry. I’ll help you. You have to get away from this town. I know a safe place in the woods on the other side of the river. They will never search there.’
’It’s to dangerous for Aura.’
’She will stay with me till you have found a safe place.’
’But won’t they find her here?’
’I know some trick so that they don’t know that Aura is here. You have to wait until tonight, when it’s dark. Only take some food with you nothing more.’
’I will. Keep her safe.’ She gave Aura to Flora.
Juno turned around and stepped to the door. She looked back and saw Aura. A tear rolled over her cheek, than she went out of the door. Where could she go to? She followed Flora's directions. It was hard, she had heard that the town on the other side was violent and that they didn't show any mercy... She felt scared but she needed to do this for Aura.

Juno went over the bridge and there she saw two men. She hid herself behind some bushes. It was thru. They didn't show any mercy. Look at that poor man. He was all dressed in clothes that were oversized and there were dirty spots on them. His face itself was handsome though. Maybe she should help him. But then she rethought that. She was a woman all alone from the other town. No she wasn't going to do this. She had to go in the woods so that she would be safe. And then she could go to Aura. And she could hug her and kiss her. She sneaked past the two men and went to the woods.
'Hey you! Stop!' Oh no.. What was going to happen?
Juno stopped and turned around to look in a big hairy mans face. He didn't like Juno to be there.
'What are you doing here?' His voice gave Juno chills and she was scared of the dark eyes of him.
'Euhm... I'm just passing by..' She hoped that he wouldn't notice that she's from the other town..
'Yeah right! And I'm the Easter bunny!' He started to laugh.
Even his laugh was so scaring that she was thinking of running away. She didn't answer anymore and started to run, but the man was faster. He wasn't planning of letting a girl win. He threw something at her feat and she fell down, hurting her knees.
'Did I tell you to run away? I don't think so..'
She felt anger growing in herself. She wanted to get away, but how? 'What did I do wrong to you?'
'Nothing. I just wanted to talk to you. I find you pretty.'
Oh no.. I don't hope something is going to happen to me.. She thought.
He was getting closer to Juno. She looked around she needed to get away... But how and where? Then she saw a man running towards them. It was that man from earlier. 'I think that the lady doesn't like this.' He looked at Juno. She was happy that he had come and saved her.
'You don't need to interfeer!' The man said. Juno hoped that they would forget about her and then she could run.
'Why don't you just get away and nobody gets hurt.' the other man said.
'No.' The mean man looked at the other one. Juno hoped that the man would winn and not the mean one. She looked at the forest. Maybe she could get there without someone noticing. She turned slowly around and sneaked to the forest. She was almost there. She was far enough to run away. She ran and didn't look back. She ran through the forest and when she was far in the forest, she stopped. She didn't know if it was dark or if it was still light. It didn't matter. She wanted to rest. She was tired of all the running and being scared. She saw an open space. Maybe there is someone there... she thought with herself

When she entered the circle she didn't see anybody. She felt a bit down. But there was a little house where she could stay for the night. She hoped that nobody would come after her or that she would be killed.. Only the thought of it made her not sleppy anymore. But her body was tired, her mind was tired. She needed that rest, so she went in the house and went to sleep.

Not long after Juno slept, some fairies came to the circle. They danced and danced. They had fun. One of the fairies went to the house and when she noticed Juno sleeping on the floor, she called for the others.
They all looked at her and when they noticed the blood on her knees and hands, they heald her. Then when she was healed they picked her up and an other fairie pulled away some sort of sheat and a mirror came out. that same fairie took Juno's hand and she made Juno touch the mirror. Juno was sucked in and with the fairies she landed safely on a bed in some sort of cave.
When she woke up, a group of people were standing around her bed. She looked at them. SHe didn't know how this could have happened. Because of all the questions in her head, she fainted.

She woke up again and walked out of the bed. A man entered the room and then she saw Flora and her baby Aura. But also that same man that helped her. She was happy to see her little baby again. She ran to her and hugged her 'I missed you! Thank you!'
'Your welcome they said.
The man wanted to ask where they were but someone entered the room.
'The hatching!!! It's time!! Don't just stand there, go inside and stand in front of an egg!!'
They couldn't say anything. They were pushed in the cave where they wanted to explore and when they entered the cave, they saw eggs and a dragon. Juno felt overwhelmed. It was all to much for her. She had Aura still in her hands when  they walked on the hot sands and all took place next to the other persons standing there and they looked at the eggs, wobbling.
It seemed that when one of the eggs hatched everything became pretty in Juno's eyes. All had darkened around her since her husband had died.. But now when the hatchling laid eyes on her.. 
Juno smiled happily at the little dragon. The dragoness looked with her head to one side. Then Juno heard her voice.
'Nothing is going to happen to Aura.. I see a bright future for her.. And a proud mother as well.'
'I can see it through your eyes Verallite.'
Juno and Mica Verallite left the hatching grounds happy and content.

*Not original image, that was lost.

Juno - Flora - Eimear