The great river split a land in two. In the beginning of times, the two villages were living happy together. But then something changed. The two villages separated from each other and became each others greatest enemies.

Eimear a son of two thieves, lived on the west side of the river. He had the gift of steeling and he could talk his way out of everything. He liked to fool people and he was good at to. People didn't like him that much. His parents loved to teach him all the trick to steal and what he had to do if he got caught. He was a born to steal.

He was wondering around the town, the people were looking at him. He didn't like that much. He came at the central place of the town. There was a market. He decided to steal an apple or something like that, he was hungry.
He put his hand in a big pile of apples, there were red ones, green ones, and yellow ones. He decided that he would pick a fresh green one. He was thinking of the taste of that apple when he heard a scream. 'What are you doing!?'
It was the keeper of the apples. Damn.. He was caught.. What was he going to say? He couldn't really talk himself out of this one. He hadn't looked around, and he hadn't any money with him...
'Lost your tongue?!'
'No I didn't.' Eimear said. He looked mad at the keeper and the keeper took a step back, but then attacked with new found energy.
'Did you really think you could get away with that? Well did you?!'
Eimear thought that it was best not to say anything. He was still looking at the green apple, sad that he wasn't able to get it now. Maybe he could run away... No.. Everybody knew him and everybody was looking at him now. It was to risky.
'I'm taking you to the guards. They'll know what to do with you!' The keeper started to laugh.
Was he insane? Eimear wondered. The keeper took him roughly by the arm and walked away.
When they arrived, Eimear looked at the building. It was larger than other houses around it. He wasn't getting out this one Eimear thought sadly. The keeper knocked on the door and a dark man opened it.
'Here is someone who tried to steal..' The keeper said. Eimear didn't like the way he said it. He almost spitted it out, like it was something dirty..
'I will take over now. Go back to the market, peasant!' The man brought shivers on Eimear's back. Where did they found him? From the grave? Eimear looked at the man. He was dressed in black, he had a pale skin, no colour in his face.
Eimear wanted to go back with the keeper, he wasn't that bad as this man right here. The man pulled Eimear in the house and made him kneel before someone who was sitting the dark. 'What did you do to get here?' His voice was strangely warm. He had a soft voice and sounded not so old.
'I wanted an apple.' Eimear said.
'How did you get caught?'
'I was clumsy.. Didn't pay any attention.'
'Aaahh I see, and who are you?'
'The famous thief is caught, by a keeper?' Eimear found a trace of mock in his voice. He didn't answer this. 'How badly do you want to get free?'
'What do you mean?' Eimear didn't feel safe.
'Free, no gale.'
'Very badly.' He thought of the black man.
'I have a job for you. You have to go to that other town and get me some of that wonderful fruit everybody is talking about. A girl, named Flora, has the greatest fruit. She lives up a hill.'
'Why do you need me?'
'When you get caught, it wouldn't be a big loss.' Eimear slowed.
'What are you waiting for?' GO!' Eimear left running and when he was far away from that horrible man, he started to walk. He was thinking why he didn't walk away from that town. If he went back without fruit, he would be killed probably. So... He was at the river. He looked over it, to the other town. It was so peaceful. Much different then his home. Then he looked at the forest. It was dark.. but then he saw a girl standing there. And there was a man. What was he doing. He saw that the girl didn't like what was going to happen with her and he thought of going to them. He turned away from them but then he stopped. I can't let that woman get hurt, he thought. She he went to them and said. 'I think that the lady doesn't like this.'
'You don't need to interfeer!' The man said. He looked at him. the man was bigger than Eimear but Eimear was stronger.
'WHy don't you just get away and nobody gets hurt.'
'No.' The man ran to Eimear and he was going to hit him when he duk and hitted him really hard in his side. The man didn't want to get hurt even more so he ran away. When Eimear wanted to talk to the girl, he saw that she had already left. He turned to the river and went over the bridge.

'I would like to taste that amazing fruit of that girl... Maybe I'll take some for my self and leave then.'

Eimear went over the bridge, into the town. He looked around.
It wasn't that different from the town he came from, the only thing that was different was that it was warmer her than the other side. It was more fun here, nobody knew him, looked at him and most importantly, nobody knew that he was a thief. He smiled.
He went up a hill there was a small house on it and a large land behind it. 'That must be it.'

He walked up the road and looked at the fruit. There were indeed more fruit and they looked better. He went to take a look inside the house when he heard a voice. It was the most beautiful voice he had every heard. He fell in love with the voice. Something changed in him. He didn't want to steal anymore, he just wanted to listen.
That one song would change the rest of Eimear's life. Although he doesn't admit it.
He couldn't move anymore. He was enchanted with it. He came closer to the window. He saw a red haired girl singing. He went even closer. He stepped on a little stick. She heard it and the next thing that he saw was that she was standing in front of him. She was like a princes, shining in the sunlight. Even when she talked she had a pretty voice.
 ’What were you doing here?’ She seemed mad.
’Nothing…’ Eimear said. She was now standing really close to Eimear and she had to look up to see in his eyes.
’Were you spying on me?’ Now he was sure that she was angry.
’No I wasn’t spying. I walked by and heard you singing.’
’You aren’t from this town. You weren’t just passing by now were you.’ How did she know?
’Ok.. I wasn’t. I’m from the other village, I needed to get some fruits of your land… And why am I telling this all to you?’ Eimear wasn't used of telling the truth. It was really strange.
'Where you thinking of lying?' She asked.
'Yes... I was.' Eimear was confused 'You can sing really pretty.' He said.
'Thank you. Besides, if you wanted to have some fruits you could have asked for some. You didn't need to steal.' Eimear felt relieved. She wasn't angry anymore. It was strange that she could be mad at one moment and nice the next.. He didn't want the fruit anymore. It wasn't with good intensions. Did he just think this?
'That would be really nice, but I'm not going to do that..'
'Why not?'
'Because...' Eimear was searching for words 'I can't do that to you. You are to nice and I like you.' He turned red and stared at the ground. Why did I say this? What has happened with me?
She giggled.
 'You do? hmmm.. Why don't you come in?'
She went inside and when he was inside, she closed the window. He looked at her. Why was she doing this?
They talked about the differences in the two lands and why they had grown apart. Then after a few hours of talking, laughing and talking some more, Aura started to cry.
'Is it your baby?' Eimear asked.
'No, I'm taking care of her, she's from a friend of mine.' Flora, the pretty girl, took the baby, Aura, in her arms and comforted her till she stopped crying.
'Where is the mother?'
'I hope that she has found a good hiding place. She is running from the people of this town.'
Eimear looked strange at Flora.
 'You wonder why?' she asked 'They think that Aura, this little girl, killed her father.'
'No... How could a baby kill her own father?'
'Not. That's just it. They belief she's a demon or some sort.' Eimear started to laugh.
'What a silly idea..'
'Yes.. But now the mother has to run for her safety.'
'But if she isn't safe here, why is she here?'
'You can't travel and run with a baby. That is why I'm taking care of her now till her mother has found a place.'
'Oh. I see. That's good then.'
'Yes, I hope they don't find her.. And you? Are you willing to go home? You haven't found any good fruits and you aren't going to take some of me.'
'Yes.. I don't know what I'm going to do now. I think I'm going to ...'
'Flora?' A voice asked and a banging on the door followed. 'Open the door now!' It was a man from the town and he was about to enter the room where Flora was sitting
'Here take Aura and hide!' Flora whispered. She pushed Aura in the hands of Eimear. Eimear wanted to say something but changed his mind and left the room. He went into a closet. He needed to keep the baby still. He wasn't very good at those things.. It was a good thing that it was such a calm baby. She was sucking her little thumb, she didn't cry.
He heard the man banging on the door. Coming in and looking. He heard a lot falling on the floor. Why was the man here? he thought. Was it for Aura or for him. He didn't know and he didn't want to know either. He heard the man coming in the room where the closet was. Don't open the door, please don't open the door. He could hear the man walking in his direction. 
'Please, if anyone is up there... Don't let him come in...' he whispered so softly.
Then he heard Flow scream STOP! He was shocked, he hadn't expected that one. But it was good enough because the man stopped looking and went out of the house.
Eimear didn't move. Even when he first heard Flora. She was asking where he was. There was something in her voice. She seemed desperate. He took his courage together and opened the closets door. 
'Here I am.' He said, he didn't want to let her know that he was scared. He hoped that she didn't notice the shiver in his voice. 'Are you alright?' She noticed he thought. She looked concerned and took the baby in her arms and looked at her. 'She's fine. Don't worry.'
'We need to get away.. It isn't safe anymore..'  She looked around. Eimear didn't know why, she wouldn't find an answer here.
'We will leave tonight. When it's dark. We are going to follow your mother... You can come with us if you like.' Flora looked at Eimear.
'Yes, of course. I'll help you' He felt that he had to help her. It wasn't smart to let her go alone.

The night was falling, and Flora hadn't stopped for just one second. She was getting on his nerves.
'It's getting darker...'
'Yes.. I  know. Get ready to leave..'  
They were both still, preparing on there own way to leave. Eimear didn't know why she was so emotional about it. It wasn't that difficult for him. He had already left everything that he loved and he thought that this was the best way to help Aura.
'I'm ready.' Eimear said.
'Yes. Me too.' She looked once more to the house and then outside. Eimear thought is was best to leave her a moment alone and he wanted to go outside to let her be alone when she ran to him and stopped him
'The whole town is out there... We can't leave out there.' She whispered. her eyes were scared. Although he knew his eyes were the same.
'How are we going to get outside?'
'There is one way. I hope that they haven't found that one yet.'
Flora took Eimear to the other side of the house and there through a small door they went out. Through the fields and past the crowd.
'I think that we are safe.'
'Ssst, let's just get going.' They went on. Eimear didn't want to look back, although his eyes were drawn to the house. He needed to be sure that nobody had seen them. They entered the woods. The woods were dark in the night and they didn't know where they were going to. When they looked right, they saw woods. But if they looked the other way they saw the town and the little flames. They had to go further in the woods. And they needed to find Juno.
'I will take Aura if you want.' Eimear was worried. he saw that she was tired. She had walked a long way with Aura
'Be careful...'  Flora gave Aura to Eimear. Didn't Flora thrust Eimear. He wasn't going to drop her.
'It's strange that she can still sleep..' He said to her. She smiled. He wanted to take some of the tension away.
'Let's go on..'
They walked and walked, there wasn't going to be an end of the forest soon. Then they saw something right in front of them. It was strange. There were lights and an open space in the woods.
'Should we go to there?' Eimear asked. Eimear didn't thrust it. What if there were other people of the town?
'Yes. But be careful.' They sneaked to the light and then they saw something strange. Fairies were dancing on some sort of song. He was looking closely to the fairies when he noticed that Flora wasn't sitting next to him, but she had gone to the circle. She sang with the fairies. He loved it when she sang. He looked at the fairies. They were scared, but they couldn't move because of the singing of Flora. He was curious what was going to happen when Flora stopped singing. It didn't take long, the song ended and for a moment everything was still. But then the fairies ran away. 'Wait....' But it was to late. Eimear entered the circle
'Who said that he needed to be careful?'
'You needed to be careful for the baby..' He looked at her. But she was to busy looking for there next way to go. He looked for himself and then he heard her call for Juno. He turned around and he saw a glimpse of her at a small house. He blinked his eyes and she was gone. He ran to that house and he saw Flora in the mirror. He couldn't believe it. How could that be. He looked over his shoulder, maybe she was there. She wasn't. He looked back into the mirror and he saw that she had landed. He didn't know where she was or how she got there.
She stood up and wanted to leave.
 'Wait!' He touched the mirror and he felt sucked in the mirror. What was happening? He couldn't see. Everything was black before his eyes. He closed them, to stop the spinning.
He noticed that he could see again. He opened them and took Aura close to him. He fell on the ground.
'Eimear?!' Flora ran to him and she saw that he had Aura. 'Aura...' He could hear that she was relieved. 'Where were you?'
'I could ask you the same question. Where did you ran off to?'
'I touched the mirror and then I was here.'
'I followed you a bit later.'
'I'm just glad that you two are safe and that I wasn't lying there anymore.' 'I saw Juno...'
'Maybe she's there.' He looked at some mountains. Maybe she was hiding for something..
'Let's go then.' She took Aura and they both left to the cave.

When they arrived, they saw a lot of people running from one cave to another. There was something there...
'I want to see what's in it.' Eimear said. He felt that he was drawn to that one cave.
'First we have to find Juno.' Flora answered. Flora ran of to a man.
'We are looking for Juno.. Have you seen her?' Flora asked
'I think we have... Follow me.' Thanks to the man, they were going to find Juno quickly. And then he could see what was in that cave.. When they saw Juno, she ran to Aura.
 'I missed you! Thank you!'
'Your welcome..' Flora and Eimear said. They smiled.
They were all happy. 'Where ....'
'The hatching!!! It's time!! Don't just stand there, go inside and stand in front of an egg!!'
They couldn't say anything. They were pushed in the cave where they wanted to explore and when they entered the cave, they saw eggs and a dragon. Eimear felt that drawing feeling again, stronger now. They walked on the hot sands and they all took place next to the other persons standing there and they looked at the eggs, wobbling.
It took for ever.. Dragons hatched from the eggs. He wanted one badly. They were all so beautiful..
The egg where he felt that drawing feeling wobbled and cracks came on the surface.
Finally a green nose broke through the eggshell. 
When it fell out of its egg she looked around and then rested her eyes on Eimear. 
'You... Eimear. I chose you! My name is Gartass Feed me now.'
Eimear smiled, glad that he had bonded to a jade dragon. Later he learned how stubborn Gartass was.

Juno - Flora - Eimear

Eimear impressed at Gem dragon