Draca - Yndra - Guy


Draca stepped back out of the light when she saw more candidates enter. Her face was whirling again. Blasted tattoo. It had been like this before, but only when she was just beginning to understand the basics of shifting. She knew the sight was nauseating to some of the candidates and didn't want to make them sick... she had a low tolerance for throwing up herself.
The rocking eggs suddenly started in a new cadence and Draca felt like joining the dragons on the benches. The first eggs cracked and Draca waited. Although she was in the shadows she knew any dragon could sense her, so she wasn't worried. And again, she could always fly home if need arose. 
Then a small
egg from Ithtyruith's mound broke away, tossing out another sunset. The male flapped his wings at the edge of the nest and squeaked in fear as he rolled down the small sloped nest. When he finally came to a halt at the back of the cavern his wings were tangled, his head turned up, gazing into the eyes of the person who had stopped him.
"Draca." he whispered, captivated by the blue in her eyes that whirled almost like in his own eyes, mirroring them perfectly.
"Yes Ryuen?" she asked.
"I didn't expect us to be so alike."
"Normally we wouldn't, but we're special." Draca answered smiling down on the heap of dragon.
"Oh... does this mean we can't get food?"
"No, not special like that." Draca said foolishly as she helped her bond understand gravity.

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