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Name: Nibiiru
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Race: Human
Magic Affinity: Shadows & Illusions
Artefact: Wand

Looks: Nibiiru is a tall, stately woman. She shaves the sides of her head and keeps the rest of her hair in long dreads. Her big, expressive brown eyes often give her thoughts and feelings away. She has full lips and a straight, narrow nose that flairs out at her nostrils. Nibiiru often dresses in long dresses, skirts and cloaks. The rustle of fabric aiding her to cast illusionary magic. 
Personality: Nibiiru is a mostly quiet woman who does not like to stand out. She prefers observing to casual interactions but does enjoy talking to friends and family. She is a tough cookie who will not bend under pressure and she's pegged as a possible candidate for one of the higher positions in her order when she's experienced enough to take up the post. 
Skills: Can create cloudy illusions, can obscure things and impair light passing through.
Hobbies: Cooking and making spice packets. 

Family: Her father Kousei belongs to the wave of Aqua. Her mother has passed away and she does not have any siblings. Growing up Nibiiru spent a lot of time on her own. She and her father do occasionally meet up but they aren't exactly close. They give each other the freedom to pursue their own interests. 
Pets: Black Danachian Dragonchen Shasu (m)
Bond: Red Redrose from Ryslen (Flurry 2023)

“It’s time” came the telepathic call to any who would hear it.
Candidates, spectators and officials all hurried to the designated place in the Drift. The drak mothers still had their wings screening their eggs from view, and dozens of the hundred or more visible eggs were rocking where they sat, the little dragons within working on the double to out and find their One. Though not all of these would need to bond to survive.
Eggs hatched one after the other, the resulting hatchlings showcasing a myriad of features, colours and patterns, though with the expected white and snowflakes being the most abundant. Trying to follow the hatchlings soon became impossible as they mixed with the novos.
Some of the eggs that had come forward had been separated from both of their parents. Someone found records of which dragons had participated in the old Flurry, but it wasn’t possible to tell which eggs belonged to which parents. Until they hatched, of course. When one very spherical egg cracked and revealed a sweet faced hatchling with bioluminescent streaks going down their face… who immediately ran out of the sunbeam and into the shade… it was clear who the parents were: White Cheritha, who hadn’t returned, and her Nightmourner mate Thicksnow.
The hatchling was red, and had fluffy tendril pseudo-wings in addition to regular dragon wings.
“I am coming, Redrose!” Nibiiru called, making her way around the circumference of the snow dome to get to the dragon who’d managed to connect to her without saying a word.
She cast an extra umbrella of shadow over that section and then dropped to her knees and wrapped herself around the half? Quarter? Nightmourner and started yelling at the candidates nearby.
“Move those other two extra round eggs into the dark area! The light hurts these hatchlings!”
The other novos stared for a moment, then grouped up to carefully move the rocking eggs over to where the wher and wher-hybrid eggs were.

Name: Redrose
Colour: Red
Gender: Female
Species: Nightmourner Mutt
Parents: Cheritha & Thicksnow
Origin: Ryslen Flurry 2021-2023
Size: 5.75 feet at the shoulder
Personality: Enjoys taking it easy but also loves to give others thrills and see them enjoying themselves.
  * Telepathy
  * Teleportation (self): The ability to go “between” places to places they have personally been, or with clear coordinates from another dragon.
  * Verbal Speech
  * Physical Magic: Magic gathered from their glowing antennae and vanes can be used to create small physical objects.
  * Narcotic Magic: Magic from their glowing antennae and vanes can induce hallucinations, feelings of euphoria, and dulling of pain when ingested.
                             Abuse causes feelings of remorse and suicidal thoughts.
  * Bioluminescence: Allows Nightmourner to glow; tolerance varies by individual.
                              Very bright lights and direct sun on her bioluminescent parts causes them to itch and sting, but indirect light is fine.
  * Call Wildlife
  * Gravity Magic: Can increase or decrease the effect of gravity on an object or in a limited area.
  * Tandem Teleportation: The ability to coordinate or assist in coordinating a jump between
  * Inner Temporal Compass: Enhanced ability to know When they are as well as where.

Though Redrose's hatching had been quite exciting, she had not suffered any ill effects from the exposure to sunlight. Luckily she had hatched first as both her siblings were more sensitive to the light. Still, the part nightmourner preferred to remain in cool, shady places to lounge during the day. When dusk fell she became more active.
Redrose and Nibiiru had returned to Khleur where they had been given a new assignment after it became clear where their combined talents lay. While Nibiiru could dim lights and create illusions, Redrose could influence gravity and create hallucinogens from the maic in her antennae. While they'd been at Ryslen they had heard stories of places called "theme parks" where people went to get thrills while in a relatively safe environment. Not much after they'd set up their first "rides" it became clear that the people of Khleur were not averse to the same kind of entertainment.
On one such night when Nibiiru and Redrose were working, they started talking of the future.
"It feels like we've been doing this for a long time."
"Only about a year or so." Redrose replied.
Nibiiru grinned, "I mean I think it might be time to take a little vacation."
Redrose's pseudo-wings brightened for a few seconds and then pulsed wildly.
"I would like that."
"Do you think our recruits are up to the task of replacing us while we're away?"
"Maybe not yet. But soon."
"Let's think about places we can go."


Lantessama Isle