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Name: Beni
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Race: Half Elf
Magic Affinity: Fire 
Artefact: Ruby-tipped Wand

Looks: Beni is a scrawny little half elf. She has pointed ears, spiky dark brown hair, caramel-coloured eyes, a small nose and thin lips. Though it's not uncommon for half elves to be on the androgynous side, Beni really looks like a prepubescent boy. She's often been referred to as a "pixy" or "gnome" by people who've met her. 
Personality: Beni is a trickster at heart. She sometimes uses her short stature to get out of trouble but generally she just hates being so short and young-looking. By the society standards she is just an adult, but everyone treats her like a child. She likes laughter, enjoys performing and being in large groups of people and makes no secret of the fact that she loves curvy women. 
Skills: Beni can start a fire wherever she aims her wand. She can also shoot sparks from it. 
Hobbies: Beni likes practical jokes.

Family: Beni is the youngest daughter in a large family of Red Triangle Sect-members. Since her ancestors married within the sect, the fire powers in her family are strong if a bit traditional. A lot of her kin work in the Temple, only a few have taken up travelling. She's closest to her cousin Makka who is an expert explosive maker. 
Pets: Fire elemental Kihi (f) from Gineya Isle
Bond: Brown Mizarth (m) from Meridian Weyr

Sovyl directed Aviath to a place he'd only heard about. Meridian Weyr was kind of an enigma. It was there and yet it was not. It was on Pern and other searchriders had told him how to get there and had shared their mental image of it. 
Beni looked in wonder and tried not to shiver when they appeared above the snowy landscape. The air was crisp and almost made her breath hitch as she took a breath. Shivering when her nerve endings registered the shift in temperature, Beni pulled her wand closer to her chest and made it heat up. She couldn't exactly light a fire on top of a dragon but this would keep her from freezing, she hoped.
Once down on the ground, Sovyl went to look for someone in charge and she was left to fend for herself. Luckily one of the passing residents noticed how underdressed she was and passed her a blanket. She gratefully took it and waited until Sovyl appeared again and took her to some cabins. There was a patch of sand close by and when she approached she could see a dragon about. Beni wondered if the reptilian creature wouldn't get cold but as she approached she felt warmth seeping out of the ground. 
Kihi must have felt the rise in temperature as she chose that moment to come out of her shirt to look. As soon as the cold air hit her though, she ducked back down, content to stay next to Beni's body heat.
"They're going to give you a room to stay." Sovyl shouted, beckoning for her to come to him.
Reluctantly Beni left the heat behind, vowing to return as soon as she could. Not even the closeness of the mother dragon would be able to keep her from the sands. First she might have to look into getting some new clothes though...

Beni staggered out of bed, the cold of the surroundings hitting her. She'd become rather good at keeping her fire magic running on a low setting the entire time, but she often woke cold as she couldn't keep it up when she slept. Kihi had also fallen asleep, tucked against her chest but the little fire elemental stirred as Beni got up. 
"Let's get some fire magic going and then we can get cosy on those geothermic sands." Beni sighed.
She'd visited those sands often as it was the only place that came close to the temperature she wanted it to be. 
Candidates filed into the large place and spectators took seats on the stands. Dragons kept watch and it didn't take long for the first egg to crack. A bronze female bonded and then there were three more on the sands, 2 blue and a green. 
The next to hatch was a large terracotta-hued brown who broke his egg cleanly in two with a sudden crack. Risperoth beamed - this was the strongest-looking of the hatchlings this far, and the biggest of the males, nearly surpassing his bronze sister in stature.
"You want to show the world what you can do", his voice rang loud and clear as he approached Beni. "It looks like we share a goal. Go with me!"
It wasn't so much a request as a command, but Beni's delight was palpable. Half-elf met hatchling halfway on the sands, her stance as confident as his (and neither one quite as tall as they'd like to be). Beni clapped the hatchling amiably on the shoulder and his eyes glinted.
"We'll show them together, Mizarth!"

Brown Mizarth
A performer: charismatic, confident, and sanguine.

"You might want to keep your eyes on the focus, little miss." one of the assisting dragonriders told her.
Beni looked away lest she hit the man with a deadly glare. Beside her, Mizarth puffed himself up to defend his rider though he knew the dragonrider had not meant anything by the title. He was certainly older than Beni and kind enough to help them during the exercises that were mandatory for the weyrlings. 
"Let's show him how good we are." Mizarth told her.
Beni nodded and returned to the exercise, getting it right on her second time.
"Nicely done!" the dragonrider praised and moved on to the next student.
"And that's how we do it!" Mizarth beemed at his rider. 

Mizarth flew up, Beni on his back, and did one last loop around Meridian before blinking away between, headed for his bond's home planet. It was the first time he attempted a cross-planet teleport, but the image in Beni's mind was strong. He had no trouble arriving just where he needed to be, at the edge of the small island with the lighthouse.
"I could have teleported closer to your home." Mizarth said.
"I don't want to scare anyone." Beni confided.
Sure she acted strong but she was still a little bit worried about returning home with a dragon. Would she still be allowed to live with her family? She'd set out once, hoping to be able to make a name for herself, but now she really wanted to see the people she loved, even if they sometimes drove her crazy.
"What if they haven't missed me?"
"There is no chance of that." Mizarth told her, "I sense company."
Beni looked around but Mizarth pointed up. It didn't take long for her to see a blue dragon descending, colourful markings on his spine and wing joints. As the dragon approached, Beni could make out Tankou and she let out the breath she'd been holding. Her teacher hopped down with relative ease and hugged her.
"It's good to see you." Tankou told her.
"You came back. And the others?" Beni asked
"Sei and Takagi come visit, they're often away too though. But my work is here, well for the most part. Me and Feni go on trips a lot too."
"Do people know about dragons?" Beni asked.
"The majority not. But a select handful and we'll probably ease people into the knowledge. Several other adepts are being trained to go offworld to bond as we speak. Worry not." Tankou encouraged her.
"I can't wait to meet all the other dragons that are coming here." Mizarth smiled, already getting acquainted with Tankou's friendly bond, "I bet we'll all get along great!"
"That's the spirit!" Tankou told them. 

Lantessama Isle