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Name: Makka
Gender: Female
Age: 43
Race: Half Elf
Magic Affinity: Fire
Artefact: Potions and concoctions. 

Looks: Makka is a thin half elf on the taller side for a woman. She has curly red hair she keeps rather short, green eyes, a thin nose and full lips. Her pointed ears angle back and stand close to her head. She enjoys wearing formfitting clothes (also because they're easier to keep clean while experimenting) but they mostly serve to make her look more gaunt.
Personality: Makka is rather patient for a firemage. Although her patience greatly depends on what she's doing. She is very focused on her research and surprisingly accommodating of her cousin who most other fire mages would deem a pain in the rear. She is single-minded though and often loses sight of rational morale when she is focused on something.
     *Can create bombs and explosives from any item she finds by infusing it with her magic.
     *Has recently learned to set detailed and conditional timers on her explosives.
Hobbies: Experimenting with her craft.

Family: Makka's family mostly lives in the Temple of the Holy Triangle and as such they mostly intermarry with same-sect people. Because of this their powers are powerful but a tad traditional. Makka has been followed around by her cousin Beni until she went offworld and bonded a dragon.
Bond: ??? from Nidus Asteri (Empyrean Stair)
Pets: Ruby Firelizard Dratty (f) who she got as a present from Beni (from Lantessama Isle)




Lantessama Isle