I'm just an average man with an average life
I work from nine to five, hey, hell, I pay the price
All I want is to be left alone in my average home
But why do I always feel like I'm in the twilight zone

Volg Waan

Volg stepped outside his home and locked his door. You never knew these days what was outside. People were getting gunned down for 5 dollars by streetpunks high on dope. Volg squinted in the misty light of the morning. There was only a hint of sunlight in the sky, a soft grey-blue light that could hardly be seen. Volg didn't like it. He loved those elaborate sunrises with orange, reds and purples to brighten the sky. Not this small watery sun behind layers of fog.
Volg got his bike, opened his fence and rode out. He always left 15 minutes before his train would leave the station and it was a 5 minute bikeride over there, but he had to cross a bridge famous for letting boats pass through on the wrong time. It hadn't bothered him yet, meaning his strategy worked.
At the thought of being late Volg shuddered. There was nothing worse than being late. He wouldn't arrive late at work, Volg always took the train an hour early. But just the thought of loosing time was torture.
Volg turned round the corner and cursed when he saw the roadworks. Bicycle riders were prompted to step off and walk around the workmen. But so were pedestrians and a bunch of them were waiting. Volg spotted some old ladies and lost his patience. They'd take forever to get to the other side.
"I can still make it. I've got 10 minutes to spare." he reminded himself.
Not if I get stuck in front of the bridge, he immediately thought.
No! Don't think about it, that will make it happen, he yelled at himself.
Volg started to feel a bit watched. He'd been tapping his fingers and looking back a lot. They were all in on this. Volg looked angry at the old ladies and looked back. She smiled at him and shrugged. But in her smile he could see the hidden pleasure. She loved making him get late. 
Volg jumped on his bicycle and turned to the road. He raced round the works. Cars honked at him but that didn't matter. He had got to get away. He heard screaming and saw some of the old ladies pointing at him. Volg looked back and tried to see if one of the cars was following him. The women clearly had had it in for him. He had been right to run.
Volg started to paddle faster when he got to the hill leading to the bridge. It's still open, flashed through his mind and he was just relaxing when he heard the dreaded sound of the warning bell. The beams closed and Volg had to stop. To his astonishment he saw the boat that needed to pass was still a mile away and by the looks of it it wasn't going fast. It wants me to lose time, he knew.
Volg waited. It was all he could do, but he hated it. Losing time was like losing life. That was probably one of the reasons he never dated. Why go through the entire process of dating to find out you weren't right for each other? And probably why he never visited his mother. Why when she was going to die anyway?
Finally the boat passed. Volg checked his watch, he still had 7 minutes, that would be enough. He looked up and waited for the bridge to come back down. It didn't. Volg searched the horizon and noted the bridge the trains took was still open. Another boat was coming. Freakishly slow too. Volg gave up. He was going to be late. Finally, when that boat too had passed the bridge came down. Volg checked his watch again. 4 minutes. Would he make it? He should at least try.
But that irritating girl in front of him just didn't want to go faster than walking speed. She was headed for the train too, he had seen her. She was so relaxed about missing her train he almost thought she came from another planet. But then she was a highschooler. Getting to school late was probably more of a trophie for her. Despicable. Volg passed her the very first opportunity he had. 3 minutes.
"This isn't my day at all." he grinded through his teeth.
He noticed cars passing him. cars he knew. Normally he saw them arrive at the station. Cars had the advantage now. People inside were dropped off while he still had to lock his bike. Volg grabbed his briefcase from it and pulled out the lock. He locked his bike and ran up. The train was already waiting. The doors were closed. Volg looked for an opening.
There! Someone of the train-personnel was still looking out. He ran towards her.
"Can I still get in?" he asked. Most of the time they let the people enter. He might just be saved.
"No, sorry, the light is green. I can't let you in anymore." she told him.
"But you're not moving yet."
"We will be any second now."
Any second turned out to be a minute later. He saw her close the door without even looking back at him. CONSPIRACY, his mind told him, People want to mess with your mind. Volg looked around. Maybe he shouldn't go to work today. Just to give his followers a hard time.
Volg ran down the ramp to the street level. He grabbed his bike, unlocked it and headed home. Of course that was the first place they'd look for him. Or maybe 

Volg is a Candidate at Ryslen Weyr

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