What binds all these people together you ask? All of them believe in Magic. Most of them have special powers. They all struggle through life trying to find some lost meaning.
Oh yeah, all of them have black backgrounds }:)
The background might be a bit twirly. Don't look at all the pentagrams directly, you might get sick :)

CHAPTER 1: One soul, Endless Sorrow

The Dark inside me,
Consumes all of me
I look back in time 
And see only pain
I used to be happy,
But now I'm Lost
Lost in Time
Lost in Darkness
Lost in Sorrow
Lost in a Twilight Zone,
That  I myself Created
I know I can save myself,
But... do I want to be saved?

CHAPTER 2: Jan and Katinka

Shifters beware
for the coming snare
for people afraid
that don't hesitate
people who hate
all you stand for of late.

CHAPTER 3: Arisen, Agnaliz, Calpin, Tressen and Sermillion

When Darkness Surrounds You 
And you have nowhere to hide
I'll find you in your Hideaway
When you think your safe,
I'll come to destroy your faith
When nothing seems real, 
I'll kill what you need the most
When you are all alone,
I'll be there to haunt your mind
Let's play!

CHAPTER 4: Nodie

Darkness Surrounds me
I know they are watching.
But no-one will believe me.
They all think I'm mad.
But I'm not, 
At least I think I'm not.
Maybe they are right.
But if they are wrong, 
It will all depend on me

CHAPTER 5: The 4 HorseMen of the Apocalypse

Long Foretold,
Long Forgotten,
We are the 4 that end the World
Call us by our given name
And maybe we'll avert the Flame.
Riding high on our four horses,
We might change our mounds 
to something Scarier still...

CHAPTER 6: Ebola

Look as I enter the world.
I seem normal,
But looks deceive.
I prey on the Weak.
I am more violent than any murderer
Deadlier than any Disaster
Fiercer than a Warrior
And Faster than the wind. 
Forces of the Dark
Worship Me. 

CHAPTER 7: Volg Waan

Looking back on years behind
Oh I've been in the dark
Oh I've been blind
Going left
when I should 've gone right
It's useless now
I can't rewind

CHAPTER 8: Raving Madness

Under a blue moon silent
A shadow passes
The dangers of the night
Will soon be ashes
By the dawn of next day
The sky will be free
Of vermin, danger and hero alike
As Raven finds where he needs to be

CHAPTER 9: Illamnodrid's Pack

Honour, Pride
I no longer hide...
Strength and Bravery
I now show thee
A new alliance is sought
for the evil to be undone
A new pack is formed
to right the wrong

CHAPTER 10: Long Since...

Long Since Forgotten
The life I used to lead
Long Since Forgotten
That single brave deed
That changed our lives


Love can move mountains 
But can it survive Magic?
In the Dark hours between Midnight and One
Nothing is certain, 
Everything is different
After Midnight Time stretches and changes
A minute can seem a day. 
What you think is present time 
Becomes a Medieval Age 
With Dragons, Sorcerers, Witches and Spells
A Troll roams the forest 
Can you catch him?

CHAPTER 12: Silent Night

Silent Night, 
As the city lays abandoned
Dreadful Night,
It's lights now forever dimmed.
A morbid dream
Forged in Nuclear Winter,
Waiting I still seem
Two black eyes watching

By the shadows of the night I go
I move away from the crowded room
That sea of shallow faces
They don't know what is lost

                             Sarah McLachlan - Lost

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