Omen & Araxel Li'Siboritiax

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Name: Omen
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Changeling 

Description: Omen looks like a regular human with shaggy brown hair, caramel brown eyes, a straight nose and thin lips. He likes to smile and often has a twinkle in his eye. But lately he's been more sedate and retreated into himself. He sometimes feels like his "other" ears pick up sounds no-one else can hear or the hairs on his "tail" pick up tension in the air. 
Personality: Omen grew up in a happy family and displayed all normal behaviours. But lately he's been feeling off and like he doesn't belong with his family. This anguish has led him to cut ties with a lot of people, even his parents and siblings. Some would say that he's searching but Omen knows he's trying to survive. 
Family and History: Omen was born the middle child in a middle-class family. Or at least that is how it appears to be. In fact Omen was traded for the real Omen shortly after he was born. So the current Omen has no way of knowing in which world he belongs. 
Hobbies: Omen used to like playing sports (especially soccer, basketbal and other ball sports). 
Pets: --

Name: Araxel Li'Siboritiax
Gender: Male
Height: 27' at shoulder
Color: Gilded Corpse
Abilities: Telepathy, Poison Sting, Stamina, Verbal Speech
Personality: prone to violence, protective, wary, likes finding direct solutions to problems
Parents: Tiax & Sibori
Place of Hatching:
The Refugium


Lantessama Isle  -  The Refugium
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