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Name: Lyra
Age: ? (no-one will ever know)
Gender: Female
Species: Kumo-onna 

Description: Lyra has the upper body of an adult woman and her bottom half is that of a spider with 8 agile legs. Her skin is black but lightens to a mahogany brown toward her face. Her long black hair is dreadlocked and tied back. Her many eyes are black and shiny and it's difficult to determine just what she's looking at. 
Personality: Lyra has lived a long life and if she plays her cards right she'll be around for millenia to come. So some centuries ago, when the world was a more dangerous place, she made the decision to hide. Since she's been living like a recluse and has almost no contact with others from her species aside from the occasional message through the spider interwebs. 
Family and History: Lyra was born from a spider egg that had been left behind as they usually are. She met others and one of them might have been her parent but nobody is certain about that. Lately she has hardly had contact with other spider-women.
Hobbies: Lyra enjoys music, especially stringed instruments and likes to listen to a wide range of genres. Hidden away like she is, she hardly has a choice in what music she hears so she's learned to appreciate all kinds. The last several years she's been feeling restless a bit and has at times dared to venture outside in the dark of night.
Pets: Spiders adore her but she wouldn't call them pets. 

Name: Enwenth Spidermoon
Gender: Male
Height: 6' at shoulder
Color: Pumpkin Guts
Abilities: Bioluminesence, Verbal Speech, Wall Climb, Create Lightning Spiders, Narcotic Magic, Poison Bite, Poison Sting, Stamina, Telepathy
Personality: easily holds grudges, perfectionist, cynical, slow to trust

Parents: Eukith & Glittermoon
Place of Hatching: The Refugium

Note: The pumpkins and vines are a physical part of the Eukith/Glittermoon babies. Narcotic magic strands can be spooled off the vines or out of the pumpkin's eyes/mouth. Narcotics produced by these dragons tend to increase fear and paranoia in the user.


Lantessama Isle  -  The Refugium
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