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Name: Sophy
Age: 25
Gender: Female

Description: Sophy is of average build with ruddy skin and long black hair she usually keeps tied back or braided. She has bright green eyes, a straight nose and loves the colour red, often wearing it somewhere on her body for luck. Since her magic depends on status effects, she uses a staff and familiar to heighten their potency. 
Personality: Sophy is friendly and likes to laugh. You wouldn't peg her to be a sorceress but as she grew up in a family of witches this was a logical way for her to grow. She knows what mood to induce and what weakness to prey on with enemies and adds great support to the fighters at the front. For fun she likes to kick back in nature with her family doing the usual stuff: braiding, making flower crowns and teaching her girls the craft that's been passed down in the family line. 
Family: Married to Sybr with three young daughters: Malina, Cilla and Flora

Class: Sorceress
Role/Position: Distraction-Bewilderment/Back of Party
Work Ethic: not called Sophia the Wise for nothing! Tends to have good luck.
Pets: Pet snake Thor (m) (image from DragonTears)
Bond: Garnet Ainarath (f) from Isla Weyr

Dungeon and Dragons: Level 2 SORCERESS
Hit die: 6 Hit Points: 8 Armour Class: 10 (Leather) 
Feats: Spellcasting, Sorcerous Origin, Font of Magic
Skills: Persuasion
Ability Scores and modifiers
STR: 13 (+1)  CON: 9 (-1) INT: 17 (+3) WIS: 15 (+2) CHA: 16 (+3)  DEX: 9 (-1)


Long before the dragons began their reverberating hum, guests were ushered into the sands and candidates were rounded up. As guests were seated and candidates were located, the dragons began their hum that announced the imminent hatching was about to begin. Despite best effort, chaos ensued as people rushed to the sands to get the best seats, or find friends to continue bets with, and candidates quickly joined those waiting. Once (most) of the candidates were gathered they were led onto the sands. Formality was tossed for those that could not fit into an impression robe or who had shown up too late. As long as the attire was simple and not flashy, the official let it slide. 
The eggs were rocking, some tumbling down into other eggs causing loud cracks that made a few people wince with worry. The Geneticist were there, helping and righting potential disasters - there was plenty of room on the sands but as some candidates moved to eggs they had been drawn to during the few egg touching events - room became a luxury.
From the stands, dignitaries and representatives from all over the Nexus watched as the first eggs shattered - and, as if this was the cue - dozens of eggs rocked, cracked and the tiny hatchlings broke free in heaps of limbs, wings and tail. Watching each Impression was soon impossible but for those on the sands beside the rocking, shattering eggs, it was a very different experience...
Sophy casually waited. Maybe magic wasn't allowed, but the little incantation to prevent people crowding her probably wouldn't be noticed. She ran her hands down the white shift, rubbing down non-existent creases. Her fingers caught on the red belt she was wearing and along with her bright red teardrop earrings, her favourite colour gave her strength. 
All around her people were bonding dragonets and Sophy wondered whether or not it would be better to stay stationary or to move around. Indecision warred within her, but as luck would have it, she was met with two bright eyes that held her captive with their beauty. 
The bright, whirling eyes of the hatchling that stared up at Sophy belonged to a garnet - borderline ruby - coloured hatchling whose tail flicked the sand back and forth behind it, causing mounds to build up in a 'V'. Ainarath grinned up at her rider. 
"You look great", the hatchling commented before the thoughts of food began to press in on her thoughts.
Picking up on her dragon's discomfort, Sophy immediately rushed of the sands with her new bond to get the need taken care of. She was all too aware what hunger did to little children and she did not want to risk a tantrum.
"I love your colour." Sophy complimented Ainarath, "It's my favourite."
"I like it too." Ainarath yawned before falling asleep.

Name: Ainarath 
Gender: Female
Colour: Jelly Shimmer Garnet
Genetic Base: Green
Size: medium-length (suggested height: 6'2", suggested length: 40'2")
Parents: pale green Brirenanth x blue Kanadoth
Species: Pernese
Note: from 'Ainar' - fire moon - Kazakh
Personality: Open, honest and a good judge of character
     *telepathy: can speak mind-to-mind with other sentient beings
     *teleportation (between): can travel to a different location on the same world instantly (includes time travel)
     *assisted fire-breath: can breath fire after digesting a phosphorous-bearing rock such as firestone
     *telekinesis: can move objects with their mind as per the spell telekinesis







Lantessama Isle - Isla Weyr
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