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Name: Estivan
Age: 29
Gender: Male

Description: Estivan is a slight man with pale skin and a short stature. People looking at him would not believe he is all that strong, but looks deceive and Estivan knows a lot of techniques to floor people. He has shoulder-length red hair, brown eyes, a straight nose and large mouth. He likes to wear loose-fitting clothes that don't hinder his fighting style. Though he can fight barehanded, Estivan likes to fight with polearms best. 
Personality: Estivan is a calm man others can build on. He keeps the common good in mind which means he sometimes does things that aren't in his personal best interests. Though since he's become a father he has reset his priorities to his young boys which at times give him a bit of stress about which way is the right way. 
Family: Had their latching ceremony to Petra and has twin boys Yul and Wou. 

Class: Monk
Role/Position: Scout/Front of Party
Work Ethic: A quiet but very efficient worker. Takes care of things without having to be asked. Has a wide range of talents. 
Pets: -- 
Bond: Sandstone Belrith (m) from Isla Weyr

Dungeon and Dragons: Level 2 MONK
Hit die: 8 Hit Points: 17 Armour Class: 11 (Leather)
Feats: Unarmed Defense, Martial Arts, Ki, Unarmored Movement
Skills: Religion
Ability Scores and modifiers
STR: 14 (+2) CON: 15 (+2) INT: 17 (+3) WIS: 13 (+1) CHA: 15 (+2) DEX: 10


Long before the dragons began their reverberating hum, guests were ushered into the sands and candidates were rounded up. As guests were seated and candidates were located, the dragons began their hum that announced the imminent hatching was about to begin. Despite best effort, chaos ensued as people rushed to the sands to get the best seats, or find friends to continue bets with, and candidates quickly joined those waiting. Once (most) of the candidates were gathered they were led onto the sands. Formality was tossed for those that could not fit into an impression robe or who had shown up too late. As long as the attire was simple and not flashy, the official let it slide. 
The eggs were rocking, some tumbling down into other eggs causing loud cracks that made a few people wince with worry. The Geneticist were there, helping and righting potential disasters - there was plenty of room on the sands but as some candidates moved to eggs they had been drawn to during the few egg touching events - room became a luxury.
From the stands, dignitaries and representatives from all over the Nexus watched as the first eggs shattered - and, as if this was the cue - dozens of eggs rocked, cracked and the tiny hatchlings broke free in heaps of limbs, wings and tail. Watching each Impression was soon impossible but for those on the sands beside the rocking, shattering eggs, it was a very different experience...
Estivan remained at the edge of the crowd. He watched as the others in his team spread out over the entire cavern and decided that staying at the edges suited him best. There was no gain in getting trampled or mauled and Estivan would keep an eye on his people so he could go help them if necessary.
For many, the hatchling was all but invisible. Not a spell, but simply the perfect coloration of it’s hide. Sandstone wasn’t exactly sand, but it was close enough and for many, there was too much going on to take a second look at the cowering hatchling who was sending out a mental pull hoping that someone (in this case Estivan) would notice and come help them escape this cacophony of noise, people and everything that was simply too much…
Estivan felt an urge to look to his left. Having learned to trust his instincts he glanced sideways. At first he didn't notice it, but then his eyes picked up movement that wasn't a logical. The patch of sand his eyes'd been drawn to shifted but there was neither a wind nor a tremor or disturbance big enough to cause it to act that way. As Estivan focused his eyes he started to make out a head, wings and a tail that was moving in a frantic pattern. 
Dropping all caution to the wind, Estivan moved across the sands, carefully sidestepping other candidates and roaming dragonets until he reached the one in peril.
"I heard you." he said, throwing an arm around the neck of the hatchling and guiding him away from the fray. 
Belrith willingly followed Estivan off the sands, nearly pressed to his leg in hopes that he wouldn't get separated from his rider.

Name: Belrith
Gender: Male
Colour: Sandstone
Genetic Base: Brown
Size: medium-length (suggested height: 8'9", suggested length: 57')
Parents: green Kianth x silver Tayranth
Species: Pernese
Note: - 
Personality: Somewhat shy and reclusive, preferring to stay away from large crowds. 
     *telepathy: can speak mind-to-mind with other sentient beings
     *teleportation (between): can travel to a different location on the same world instantly (includes time travel)
     *assisted fire-breath: can breath fire after digesting a phosphorous-bearing rock such as firestone
     *telekinesis: can move objects with their mind as per the spell telekinesis
     *pass without trace: can stealth easily even when conditions are difficult or impossible. The rider gains the ability when the dragon uses it. 


"Are you ready?" Estivan asked.
"Do we have to?" Belrith asked.
"It's your world, your training, so I guess it's up to you." Estivan smiled.
Belrith sometimes reminded him of his young boys and though those memories were sweet, they also invariably brought with them a bitter homesickness.
"I'll do my best." Belrith resigned himself.


The sandstone brown Belrith still did not like crowds and likely never would. But that didn't matter as it meant he was more than willing to head off to a distant planet with his bond. There would hardly be dragons around and Estivan had promised that his village was one with few people in it and that most lived few and far between while tending the land. It all seemed like blissful perfection to Belrith.
"I will be able to fly through the sky, right?" Belrith asked.
"As long as I warn people that you're no threat. Maybe I can pass you off as a spirit animal. Nobody minds when one of those runs through town.
"I'm not a spirit animal though."
"You're way better." Estivan agreed, "Come on, I can't wait to introduce you to my family."

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