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Name: Younes
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Status: Nobility (Sponsor)

Description: Younes is a devilkin with a tanned, brown skin and dark curly brown hair. He has pointed ears, thin twisty horns and a long tail. His glowing yellow eyes make it difficult to follow what he's focusing on with the added bonus of looking creepy. He can extinguish the effect but usually only does it when he wants to move unnoticed through the shadows. 
Personality: Younes is cautious, some would even call him paranoid. He lives a solitary life, choosing to watch and act from his palace. He has a lot of spies, many of which spy on each other and are in turn watched by their master's shadows. Disloyalty is met with swift punishment (often death). He is an intelligence broker who sells to whomever bids the highest. Younes has no moral difficulty with people dieing, others are of little consequence to him anyway. Younes is not looking for a companion but he is in need of someone he can trust completely. 
Short Bio: Younes learned from a young age that others can't be trusted. He watched as his family was murdered by relatives and only managed to retaliate by using his own powers and coming out victorious. He's learned that to survive one must be on top of things. He has since trained his shadow powers and can pretty much tell what shady deals are taking place in a 100 yard radius around him (not blocked by walls or other obstacles). He was invited to the Wyrm's eye and has his servants in place to make certain he doesn't end up on the wrong side of the pit.

Pets: - 
Bond: ??? from Arx Infusco (Niduses of Aleph)







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