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Name: Waerdon
Age: 49 (at death)
Gender: Male
Status: Servant (Novo)

Description: Waerdon is a burly man with broad shoulders and thick thighs. He has dark blond hair with bushy eyebrows, a moustache and goatee. He has a wide nose and broody eyes that seem to be able to tell when someone is lying. Waerdon usually keeps to himself and looks downcast. He is a very good butler though and almost runs the castle of his master single-handedly. 
Personality: Waerdon has been caught and cast in a role of servitude. His intelligence comes from being alive a long time and he recognises the danger he is in now. He could flee but would be found. His employer, Younes, has got a hold of part of his soul's essence which means he can basically erase him with a single thought. Waerdon could attempt to steal it back but he would prefer to take revenge first. 
Short Bio: Waerdon grew up a long time ago and was turned by a roaming vampire about a century ago. Since he stopped aging, he doesn't keep track of his actual age and just list his age at time of death. Waerdon roamed for a decades until he was hired by Younes who quickly got hold of the vampire's weakness and has since refused to let him go. Waerdon is hoping to overthrow the devil but must keep his thoughts a secret or risk losing his life. Them leaving the castle for the first time in years could prove to be the opportunity he needs. 

Pets: Waerdon is fond of the castle's bats though he wouldn't call them pets. They're his own spies. 
Bond: ??? from Arx Infusco (Niduses of Aleph)







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