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Name: Noelani
Gender: Female
Age: 23

Looks: Noelani is shorter than her sisters and has a smaller face. She keeps her hair short and usually tucks it behind her ears in an effort to make her face appear bigger. She is slender with not that many curves and is often mistaken as the youngest sister. Noelani likes to appear older than she is by wearing traditional, muted colours in order to look more mature. 
Personality: Noelani's name means 'Heavenly Mist' and refers more to the weather on the day she was born than to any personality traits. Noelani is far from mysterious. She is in fact very open and can't keep secrets or lie to save her life. She often got into trouble because of it and learned to just not bother with doing things on the sly. When Noelani dreams, it is of sailing the seas. 
Likes: Elegant items, Flowers and Maps.
Dislikes: People thinking she is young(est).
Pets: - 

Like her sister Waiola, Noelani had not found a bond at Lantessama Isle. And now that even Waiola had bonded, Noelani felt utterly pressured into finding a dragon to call her own. And luckily the Academia had not one but three clutches running simultaneous this time around. Surely one of the hatchlings must be right for her?
Noelani was not used to the masses that went about in the Academia and it's surroundings. Though for all intent purposes also acting like an island, people came and went freely and there never seemed to be a quiet moment during the day. Even the nights were busier than Noelani was used to. But the best part about the Academia were ofcourse it's books and libraries. She'd studied the many atlases for hours on end and was currently trying to copy some of them as practice for later.
So it was almost with regret, that Noelani answered the call for the candidates. After today her time at the Academia might just end. Would it be worth it to be left standing once more? Noelani discarded that idea. If she bonded she might very well return here freely. That was clearly the better outcome.
So she straightened her back and tried to look dependable and ready to raise a dragon.
"You do it so well." a loud voice crashed inside her mind.
Shaking her head, Noelani found a bright brown and green striped dragon with large orange wings standing in front of her.
"Use your indoor telepathic voice, Bizialth." she chided, "I can hear you just fine."

Name: Bizialth
Gender: Male
     *Colour: Brown-Green
     *Rank: Mid (brown-sized)
     *Species: Pernese Dragon
     *Parents: Green Foydisth x Blue Rattanth
     *Origin: Academia de Magica (Dragon Pact)
     *Image Credits: Mageling - Owner, Jabberwocky - Shading/Shine, Kitelli - Shading, KaiserFlames - Lineart, Nomi - Colouring
Personality: Unfocused | Trusting | Supportive
     *Unassisted Firebreath
     *Elemental Breathweapon: Lightning

"You can do it!" Noelani encouraged her dragon who for once needed her support.
"I don't know, do you think so?" he asked.
"Definitely. You're a handsome man and quite a catch. Look at your stripes. And you are such a nice guy too. Just... try not to lose focus. That's your biggest flaw."
Bizialth nodded. His rider was right of course. They'd stuck together through the training and he'd grown up big and strong. He was larger than either of his parents and in the prime of his life. He should do his best and then he might win. And if not he might just snack on those sweet rolls Noelani had hidden in the back of their lair.... no, first he needed to focus on flying!


Lantessama Isle
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