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Name: Lua
Gender: Female
Age: 25

Looks: Lua is the prettiest of the sisters. She has a bronze tanned skin, thick long black hair and brown eyes. She has a shapely body that is hidden by the robes she wears, but they cannot hide the grace with which she moves. Her full lips and shapely brow have made many men dream of her. A lot of them come to bring her gifts too.
Personality: Lua's name means "relaxed and joyful". She has lived a leisurely life, often getting distracted by things when she's doing chores, ending up abandoning her work and following her heart and gaze. She is a dreamer who loves stories and lore. She's never haughty nor is she deliberately lazy. Which is why so few people can get mad at her, one of the few who does is her older sister Ailani.
Likes: Stories (myths/legends), discovering new things and getting gifts
Dislikes: People expecting things from her in return for the gifts they give
Pets: funny parrot (Edison, m) from Gineya Isle

Avarya twitched her wings. She tensed and held her breath. The seven eggs in front of her had moved. She was certain of it but didn't want to alert people and dragons before she was absolutely certain. Yet inside of her mind, she was already jumping and bouncing and celebrating. Her children were going to hatch today! This thought was loud and got picked up quickly by the dragons around the isle. Within minutes dragons had gathered around the hatching sands, singing and crooning. People rushed toward the sands and were greeted by the tiniest of tremor in the eggs. Politely those gathered waited. Candidates and locals got together to mingle and the food meant for the post-hatching buffet was handed out to tide people over.
The better part of an hour went by before the hatching started in earnest. Evening was definitely falling now and most people had moved from food to dessert. The dragons intensified their singing and Avarya let out a relieved sigh. She'd watched the candidates and had been satisfied with those that she saw. There was the rainbow-winged brown dragon 'Smithy', who would be a good match to any hatchling with his sunny personality. There were three fae folk: The pale Emros who'd resided on Lantessama for some years and worked as a blacksmith though few people actually knew him, Zelphar, an autumn court fairy who'd just shown up and Saelihn, a Kynnese shadow elf who had been searched while sightseeing with her family. The remaining three candidates were human: Delin, a Pernese beastcrafter, Anajane, the runaway candlemaker and Lua, a relaxed beauty from Khylar. Seven candidates for seven eggs. Seven was supposed to be a good number. Avarya enjoyed the symbolism and felt more than knew that something good would happen today.
The remaining three eggs hatched in close succession, spilling a pale pink, a dark blue and a reddish brown hatchling on the sands. The jasper male yawned and watched as the rose quartz female sauntered toward Lua, the last female candidate left. With eyes that seemed to sparkle as bright as any of her mica-patterned siblings, she gazed into the young woman's mind and liked what she saw.
"I'd like to dream with you." she sighed happily.
"Any time Raqueis." Lua responded with a girly grin.

Lua walked
toward the water. Eyes were upon her and she knew she was being admired. A brief memory of her sister flashed through her mind but she quickly washed it away. She was going to be swimming even if there was still work to do. She would go back later and finish up her chores.
"Working on your charm is also a must." Raqueis said solemly.
"Which of the ones watching do you figure would be the best choice?" Lua asked.
"The one with the prettiest bond of course."
The lovely rose quartz dragoness might be all starry-eyed for lovestories, she did have a type and would stick with it!


Lantessama Isle
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