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Name: Qin
Age: 31
Gender: Male (bi)
Species: Human-dwarf hybrid

Description: Qin is a wiry man with a short stature, a bulbous nose and eyes that seem to be set not quite right. His gaze is uncomfortable to most but a harmless side-effect of  having had a lazy eye when he was a child. His hair is brown and a bit longer than practical. 
Qin is mostly quiet and keeps calm under pressure as his family from oriental descent have taught him meditation and mindfulness from a young age. He can compartmentalise his feelings at a moment's notice so that he can continue working in the most dangerous and gruesome of environments. He will feel the consequences of that afterwards though. 
Medical Field: Oriental medicine, Acupuncture
Short Bio: Qin is considered an immigrant in Folk Valley, being taller than most of it's native residents. His lineage is far from pure human though so he would be considered small among humans. He grew up in a family of people proud of their heritage and has been banned from pursuing some interests which of course made him very curious to local pastimes and sciences. He indulges in secret. 
Pets: --
Bond: ??? from Dragon Pact (Hope Court Clutch)







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