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NAME: Ymber
AGE: 33

LOOKS: Ymber is tall and burly with lots of muscles, a bronzed skin and black hair. He has bright green eyes and two curved horns that protrude from his temples. His tail is short and strong. He doesn't fuss with clothing since it usually gets in the way of fighting. He wears the bare minimum to cover himself up. 
PERSONALITY: Ymber is a good team-mate and trainer. He is strong, determined and not too full of himself to help others when they're in need. But his own jobs will come first as they should. Ymber enjoys power training, seeing just how far he can go before he has to stop.  
SKILLS: Fighting, strategy, training. 
LIKES: adrenalin rushes and pushing himself to the max.
DISLIKES: boredom.

FAMILY: younger sister, parents.  
BOND: Mottled Brown Faicende Mei'Thwei from Nidus Caeligenus


The four sanddemons had spent some time on Nidus Caeligenus. Enough in any way for Quivren to have picked up one of the smaller companion species called a Terigon. The silly little creature was cute and fluffy and seemed to have taken over their lodgings with her games. Quivren was completely besotted by her and sadly so seemed Ruena and even Xafore seemed to not be immune to the creatures charm. 
Ymber looked in his glass, trying to spy some greater meaning of all this in the amber liquid within. But of course there was no such epiphany waiting for him. Ymber wondered briefly if he should have stayed on Khylar. His job had been purposeful and respected. If they ever returned he doubted he'd be able to return to keeping the law. 
Just as he was thinking that, a group of young Yautjadragons marched by, led by an older individual. The warrior dragons came to look for a companion and Ymber observed, interested to see how they would go about it. 
As it was, one of the young crawled onto the stool next to him. 
"Greetings." the dragon said.
"Evening." Ymber grunted back.
The two sat together in silence. Across the tavern, men and women were approached by the young dragons. Some stuck around and others left to try their luck elsewhere. After Ymber had drained his beer, he put his glass back on the counter and looked to his side where the young dragon wriggled on his chair.
"Like what you see?"
"I would like a match." he urged, "Please." he added, remembering his manners.
Ymber stroked his beard and cracked his knuckles. maybe a sparring session was just the thing he needed. He got up and followed the eager dragon who not even reached up to his waist.  They walked a short distance and ended up at a little square.
"We spar here." the young dragon told him.
"I would prefer to introduce ourselves before the fight." Ymber remarked.
"If you win, I give you name." 
Ymber shrugged and took on a relaxed stance. The young dragon launched himself and Ymber dodged, having seen the move coming a mile away. 
"you're too eager! Think!" Ymber called.
The young dragon grunted and pulled off a better thought-out move. Ymber had to react in earnest and the fight soon became pretty interesting. Suddenly though the Yautjadragon stopped and said:
"Faicen Mei'Thwei."
"Excuse me?" Ymber asked.
"My name. You are a good fighter, I choose you."
"Ymber." the sanddemon responded, "Well, that was what I came here for."

Birth Name: Faicen Mei’Thwei
Gender: Male
Species: Yautjadragon
Hatchling Height: 3’3”
Colour: Mottled Brown
Personality: Faicen’s greatest flaw is restlessness. Many a hunt requires the patience of setup and waiting for the most opportune conditions, but this eager hunter will have to be taught these things for he does not see the value in them on his own. Thankfully he is far more clever than he is stubborn and will understand reason, as long as it’s explained to him properly.
     *Acid Immunity
     *Balefire Immunity
     *Corruption Immunity: Invulnerability to corruption powers and magic, most notably the powers of the Balespawn.
     *Healing Powers: The ability to heal living things. The more grievous the injury, the more effort/energy required
     *Huntermind Communication: The ability to telepathically communicate with all other yautjadragons in existence
     *Purification Powers: The ability to purify magical corruption, including that wrought by Balespawn.


Faicen had turned two and the time for his Hunter-Trial was fast approaching. Restless as was his nature, Faicen Mei'Thwei once more shuffled in his seat. Next to him, Ymber tensed and gave him the hand signals they used for keeping still. 
Faicen rolled his eyes. Why did hunting have to come with all this waiting? His mind wandered and he always lost concentration. Maybe that was also something that made him nervous. In the fight that was coming he'd need to show his growth, techniques and cunning. Which enemy would he fight? 
He fidgeted again and sighed as he got another look from Ymber. He let go of his worries and latched his eyes on the burrow where luckily their prey was just emerging.
"Charge!" he called and launched himself forward. 

Only a few weeks later, the time had come. Faicen took in deep breaths to steady his rising nerves. He would be taking on a large, strong, but not that bright monster with four legs, bristly hairs and large, dangerous-looking tusks. Ymber was not allowed to help but he had given his bond a few pointers before he started:
"Keep cool, look for openings and never give up."
Faicen repeated the words like a mantra and went out in pursuit of the monster. The older Yautjadragon that had taken him under his wing as a hatchling, would be supervising. Faicen had learned a lot from the older Yautja and was ready to show where all of his teachings had gotten him. 
As it happened, the monster wasn't the fleeing kind and charged at Faicen as soon has he left the building. Just the way he preferred. Maybe the fates were with him. The barrelling boar-creature meant to make a big impact, but Faicen dodged it, though only barely. He'd better not underestimate the creature, even if they'd told him it was dumb. Cornered animals were usually the most vicious. Again and again the boar charged, forcing Faicen to corners and other places where he'd be at a disadvantage. Faicen stood his ground but knew he'd need to show some skill aside from tiring out the monster. And then it hit him, Why dodge sideways if he could also go over!
The next time the boar charged, Faicen faked left and then flapped his wings while jumping, landing right on the boar's back with a well-executed flip. With his dagger and claws, Faicen struck at the monster's neck until it collapsed. 
Loud cheering sounded, quite inappropriately. Faicen recognised Ruena and Cheas and blushed - luckily not too noticeably because of his normal reddish brown tint - as his heart swelled with pride.

Blooded Name: Faicende Mei’Thwei
Adult Height: 12’10”
    *Hunting Mask: computerized, and capable of displaying a variety of vision modes (normal, thermal, infrared, etc.)
    *Wristblades: A pair of retractable blades attached to the right-hand gauntlet
    *Shift-Suit: turns the wearer invisible by encasing them in a field that bends light around them. (left hand gauntlet) 
    *Smart-Disc: when thrown, can cut through a whole file of humanoids, summoned back with left hand gauntlet
    *Plasmacaster: shoulder-mounted cannon is synchronized with the wearer's hunting mask. Range of 1000 feet.


Another year had gone by and Faicende Mei'Thwei was now a full warrior with all the perks and responsibilities. They were starting to make a name for themselves. But Faicende wanted to be more than just a warrior now. He still got restless at times. His mind wandered to a passing female dragon and he felt his pace quicken. 
Shaking his head he continued his work. First his tasks, then the added chores and maybe then he'd have time to inquire about some company....




Lantessama Isle
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