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NAME: Xafore
GENDER: female
AGE: 32

LOOKS: Xafore is thin with a sickly pale green skin and brown hair. She has bright yellow eyes, a wide nose, pointed ears and a long segmented tail. She is usually by herself as people avoid her because of a faint but noticeable electric charge in the air around her.
PERSONALITY: Xafore is serious and haughty. She is powerful and knows she needs no-one to help her survive. She has almost no hobbies but studies a wide range of subjects that she thinks might help her when she's out in the world. Even though most desert dwellers are community-minded, Xafore very much wants to live a solitary life. 
SKILLS: Survival, strong magic (mostly electric and metal-manipulation)
LIKES: Power, Knowledge and Solitude.
DISLIKES: People coming too close (seriously, don't try it). 

FAMILY: Xafore was abandoned at birth and was raised in a community where everyone was different from her.  
PETS: She might consider keeping livestock for food (so not necessarily pets). 
BOND: Smog-Red Torrest Na'carrah from Nidus Caeligenus


Ymber had bonded one of the fighting dragons at the inn and Quivren had landed him a bright orange dragon with just as bright a personality as his was flamboyant. But to Xadore, all the hustle and bustle was just too overwhelming. She'd also been visiting the nesting platforms, but had soon started climbing the mountains to get a bird's eye view of the place and to be out of the drum of candidates and spectators. Today she'd intended to do the same but found herself eye to eye with.... well eye to eyes of a dragon with many heads. 
"Are you here for the eggs?" Vesad asked.
Frightened, Xafore took a few steps back and nervously said: "I know I'm not the right person to bond a dragon, after all I'm weird and ...."
"Not all think that." Vesad interrupted her as one of his brood, a two-headed male smog Hathydra beast with blood-red spots appeared from behind his sire.
"I think you are amazing." Torrest Na'carrah confided to his bond, "And I'm not alone."
Furiously blushing as it hit Xafore that she had just bonded, and to such a wonderful being as Torrest, she didn't quite know what to do.
"Feed him." Vesad coached, "And the rest will come."

Name: Torrest Na’carrah
Gender: Male
Species: Arx Atra Mons Beast / Hathian / Hydra
Adult Height: 16’ at the shoulder
Colour: Smog-Red
Personality: No man is an island, no Hathian is a pack, something something something. Look, Torrest tries, alright? He’s smart, he understands things, but it’s harder to put them into words than it is to just up and do it and hope everyone with him figures it out as he’s going along. What he means is: no, Xafore, we are not going to live a solitary life. It doesn’t have to be free of other people in order to be peaceful. They just have to find the right community, that won’t judge either of them for being what they are, and then things will be perfect!
     *Breath Weapons (Fire, Ice)
     *Venomous Stingers


Time advanced and while Ymber was off to have some kind of deep hunter trial ritual that involved blood and who knows what else, Layammry was busy plotting her own little things. She'd given Cheas the luminous idea that going to cheer on the big warrior dragon would be a good idea and so now she finally had some time alone to work on the next part of her plan. After all, she'd grown to be quite a capable dragoness. And everyone knew that no-one could really be happy without true love. And let it just be so that she knew the look of true love. And she spied it between her bond and his sadly completely clueless and largely unwilling, insecure and totally cute assistant. 
How gloomy could one be? Not even her bond, a complete clash of colour and too many limbs was as dark and brooding as Xafore was. And all that when she clearly had a lot of power and potential. At least her bond saw it in Xafore, and what Quivren saw, Layammry had to agree upon. 
"I object to you calling me a clash of colour when you yourself are so bright and colourful." Torrest objected.
"I never said I didn't like it. Just that all that red is a bit dramatic." Layammry waved away the hathydra beast's complaints. 
"So what is it you plan on doing while the other two are away?" Torrest inquired.
"Why, give them a romantic night beneath the stars." Layammry beamed.
Torrest had to give the feathery dragoness points for trying.
"You do know they'll just talk about magic and tricks, right?" Torrest asked.
"I have supplied hints in the menu." Layammry said confidently.
Torrest rolled his four eyes at her and said, "They're much too dense for that."
"Do YOU have any better ideas?" Layammry asked.
Torrest did, but he struggled for words. It was difficult to propose what he was planning after all. In the end he just grabbed the vibrant dragoness and said: "Let me show you!"
As Layammry caught on she did admire the boldness of the plan. Indeed there was no getting around this BIG a clue!




Lantessama Isle
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