Zern & Hikrus

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Name: Zern
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Description: A dark-skinned young boy with apple-blue hair, a scrunched up nose and pointy ears.
Personality: Quiet, Tentative (slow to some), Submissive
Short Bio: Zern is not quite certain of his heritage. In the orphanage they assumed there were many different races in his lineage. When he was old enough to apprentice, he was sent out in the world and finally found his way to Lantessama where he was meant to help with the cleaning, animal tending and other menial jobs. Instead he managed to first bond a firelizard and then a bunny dragon.
     *Loved by Animals


Name: Hikrus
Gender: Male
Colour: Mint-striped Cyan
Origin: Lantessama Isle 2023 Easter Giveaway
Personality: Calm, peaceful, Lazy
     *Fleet of Foot

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Lantessama Isle
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