Oner & Loubna

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Name: Oner
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Description: A young man that's still a bit lanky from his growth spurts. He has shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes.
Personality: Stable, Earnest, Able.
Short Bio: Oner was born on Lantessama Isle. His parents were dragonriders before they moved to Lantessama and built their lives around their new home. Oner is happy with his life but he dreams of travel and adventure, even if he knows those dreams are most likely foolish. He will probably work to gain some diplomatic function that will make his dream a stable reality.  


Name: Loubna
Gender: Female
Colour: Purple-spotted & striped Blue
Origin: Lantessama Isle 2023 Easter Giveaway
Personality: Supportive, Sophisticated, Sneaky
     *Fleet of Foot

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