Mala & Maetira

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Name: Mala
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Description: A small and slender, pale girl with some fae or pixie heritage. She has brown hair and purple eyes.
Personality: Prudent, Well-mannered, Hedonistic
Short Bio: Mala is a recent transfer to Lantessama. She was interested in the different dragons and finally settled on one of the bunny dragons. Though small they are fast and agile and they're just right for someone of her smaller stature. Mala is not thinking of going back to her homeworld, se quite likes it at Lantessama and has made new friends.  
     *Small elemental magic (little things like making a spark, condensing moisture to a few drops,...)


Name: Maetira
Gender: Female
Colour: Rainbow-speckled Black
Origin: Lantessama Isle 2023 Easter Giveaway
Personality: Wilful, Blessed, Prickly/Moody
     *Fleet of Foot

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