Fie & Iveta

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Name: Fie
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Description: Fie is a short, slender girl with dark skin, dark brown curly hair and big sorrowful brown eyes.
Personality: Shy, Easily disheartened, Pessimistic.
Short Bio: Fie lives at the Isle while her parents are working across the Nexus. Though she can understand that the Isle might be a carefree place to grow up, she would rather join her parents. Bonding a dragon seemed like a perfect solution. With Iveta she can pop in to visit her parents when she wants to and still return home to study.  
     *Can keep herself occupied


Name: Iveta
Gender: Female
Colour: Pink-spotted Violet
Origin: Lantessama Isle 2023 Easter Giveaway
Personality: Foolhardy, Stubborn, Loving
     *Fleet of Foot

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