Bona & Jaruko

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Name: Bona
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Description: A tall girl with tanned skin, long brown hair and green eyes.
Personality: Responsible, Outgoing, Meddling.
Short Bio: Bona was born on Lantessama Isle. Her parents came along with the first settlers and bonded in one of the clutches afterwards. Though Bona understands the appeal of a dragon companion, she does not appreciate the amount of work the larger dragons require. She is much happier with her lime green little bunny. Though she'll never be able to ride him, they can certainly have a lot of fun.  
     *Keeping in the Know (aka Snooping and Meddling)
     *Quick Study


Name: Jaruko
Gender: Male
Colour: Lime Green
Origin: Lantessama Isle 2023 Easter Giveaway
Personality: fun-loving, boisterous, loves to tease and prank
     *Fleet of Foot

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