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Name: ??
Introduces self as: Umbra (shadow)
Species: ?? (Genie? Spirit? Anyone's guess)
Age: ?? (Ancient)
Gender: Non Binary (appears as they wish to be, don't mind to being addressed as either gender)

Appearance: Umbra presents themselves as a black-skinned individual of respectable age. Their appearance is very much linked to the eye of their beholder. Currently they present as a female with red lips, red pupils and long white hair that is done up in intricate braids. Umbra usually presents as strong and muscled but not overly tall. They emanate an air of strength and calm, having a soothing influence on those they share themselves with.
Personality: Umbra has slept for a long time, hidden away in the fortress and they are ready for adventure and excitement. They are quite friendly and eager to help, maybe a bit too eager, often giving unnecessary advice or being a bit overbearing and matronly. They like to meddle and give their two cents on everything in sight. 
Short Bio: Umbra just exists. They have no recollection of being born nor made. They do know that they have been hidden away for a long time, sleeping and dreaming of being found and returning to the world.
Skills & Hobbies: Umbra can do whatever they want, but only when ordered to do so. They have no real hobbies as they sleep while their master is away. But Umbra does enjoy talking and they are a busybody and something of a matchmaker. 

Pets: --
Bond: Grey Corayth from Xanadu Weyrhold


It was the middle of the day when the dragons started humming to alert  people of the imminent hatching. The eggs had been created by scientists from donated materials, gengineered as people called it here and would be known as "Mireu-Linyaari". While Beate wondered how one could influence living beings thus, Umbra just accepted the reality. She had no knowledge of her own creation and it didn't matter once one was. It would be the same for these hatchlings.
As they arrived at the hatching sands, the candidates were apraised by officials. Right in front f them a young boy was sent back to fetch appropriate shoes. When their turn came up, one of the officials looked at Umbra's cloth shoes and then to her face. The old-looking entity gave her a matronly stare and the two of them - Beate still wore her sturdy leather boots - were ushered in.
Several hatchlings roamed the sands, some bonded, others waited. One of those, a grey female, observed the hatching from the remains of her shell until her hide dried. Gleaming metallic, she causes the locals to buzz about that unusual trait. But neither Grey Corayth nor Umbra let themselves be distracted.
"Oh, hello Umbra. Hmmm.... I think there are some things we shall need to work on, you and I. No matter, right now it is time for food."
"I'll go with while you ease your hunger." Umbra acknowledges, "And I think we'll have plenty of time to get to know each other. There's no need to rush or fuss."
Beate remained waiting, seeing the hatchlings bond one after the other. Getting more nervous with each one passing her by, the young adventurer held her breath and focused on the last egg. A white dragon falls from her egg and remains laying down for a while, recovering from the stress and exersion of hatching. Candidates crowd closer, everyone intent on bonding this last hatchling, Beate's small stature means she could attempt to squirm to the front, but her pride prevents that.
But Elvath knows who is around her and she likes the small young woman more than the others. So the white bounces up and bulls her way through the wall of humans to Beate:
"Hi! Wow, hatching was so hard. Can you take me to the food, Beate? I'm sooooo, hungry!"
"Right away Elvath!"
Elated, Beate beamed as she led her dragon to the waiting food.

Name: Corayth
Pronunciation: koh-ray-th
Title: "The Magician's Trick"
Gender: Female
Bonded to: Umbra (Trix)
Colour Codes: #555555 | #A4A4A4
Mutation: Metallic Hide
Size: 8' at the shoulder | 24' long
Personality: Helpful | Wise | Advisor | Well-Spoken
     *Enhanced Healing: Corayth's ability to heal even catastrophic injuries takes less energy.
     * Illusions:
Corayth can manipulate light to create minor illusions.


"Is there anything you wish for, Master?" Umbra asked.
Beate frowned. She knew the elderly woman was magical, she had transported them toward Xanadu after all. But though she had come to love Umbra, the level of (s)mothering was starting to get annoying.
"I'm perfectly able to take care of myself." Beate said calmly.
"I know, but I can always help. You are in a completely new world after all."
"New is a relative term, we've been here for a couple of years already." Beate interjected.
Both their dragons were adult now and they'd gone through training together. Granted Umbra had breezed through and Beate had had a harder time. And she'd been glad of it too, now the achievement was all her own. And not the result of magic.
"I've been around for a whole lot longer and..."
Beate sighed, "I just want you to do whatever it is you want to do. In fact, you don't need to ask for my permission. I wish for you to be your own being."
As ancient magic disolved with a disappointingly small snap, Umbra shrugged:
"Well, since I'm free now, I can just go hunt for your husband."
Beate groaned, "Please don't!"
"Oh no, that won't work anymore."
Beate turned to Corayth and asked: "So where do you propose we look?"
"There might be some nice potential mates up north, it might not be a bad idea to scope them out."
Beate herself asked her dragon: "What have I done?"
"You've unleashed a powerful magical being onto the Nexus. But let's think of the good side, She might just find me a nice place to fly as out fates are bound. It might be fun to go with them too."
"As if, I'm finally free of Umbra's lectures, I think I'll enjoy some quiet time first."
"Then how about we go South?"

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