Name: Viale
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Description: Viale is a willowy lass with long blonde hair that she likes to dye purple or pink with the aid of flowers. She has long limbs and a fair skin with an ample dusting of freckles. Her face is oval, with slanted brown eyes, a thin nose and small mouth. Viale likes to coordinate her colours to her hair colour and has quite a few different options in her closet. But no matter what she wears, it will be colourful.
Personality: Viale loves life and all things cute and pretty. She has a habit of collecting trinkets and has gone to great lengths to complete one of her collections. Her parents used to get mad at her, but after several repeats they've basically given up trying to contain her spending. Viale gets a small allowance and has to work for what she wants to buy which she does without grumbling. 
Family: Parents, older brother Uor.
Skills: Disarming smiles and endearing chatter.
Pets: --


"What did you bring back this time?" Uor asked his sister as she snuck in with a full backpack.
"Nothing much." she smiled sweetly, hiding the rather big pack behind her back.
Uor shook his head and let his sister be. She was loved by anyone and even when that meant he had faded more in the background by her bright light, he just couldn't get mad at her. She was like the sun: bright and loving with an unmatched energy and warmth. And then he guessed he was like the moon: quiet and modest, cool and working behind the scenes. Sometimes he lamented his position but he was too passive to actually try to change it. He just accepted it and had found his place in the community.
Viale quickly ran into her room and closed the door. She knew full well that her brother wouldn't tattle. And to be honest, she hadn't broken any rules. She had bought her new decoration with her own money. Tavula had given her a discount for her help. So it hadn't even cost that much.
Viale and Tavula had become fast friends over their shared love of interior decorating. Since the other young woman had returned after bonding a nekrat, she'd set up a little business selling the items she created. Viale very much wanted to join in the venture but as it stood, Tavula had too few clients to be able to afford an extra worker. 
Viale carefully took the glass orb out of her backpack and sighed. The glass was imperfect but reflected the sun all the more because of it's flaws. Inside small beads of glass and seashells formed a delicate filigree through which the light filtered in several colours. Giddy, Viale hung the trinket in front of her window and sighed happily. She dropped down in her bed and laughed. Buying something new always felt so good. 
Uor heard his sister laugh and figured he would let her be since she sounded so happy. And who was he kidding, he would have let her be anyway. Well maybe not if she'd been crying. He turned back to his own room and started working on the music box he'd been working on. The inside mechanic tapped several metal strips in succession as the wheel was turned, playing a short melody. Usually he worked on larger things, like the wagons of the caravans and the machinery they used. But it felt nice to work on something so small and delicate for a change. 
Before he knew it, he started humming the tune he'd programmed into the music box. In the next room over, Viale listened to her brother sing, once again wondering why he didn't pursue his singing since he so liked doing it. But it wasn't up to her to make his decisions. 
Nighttime came and went and the next morning dawned bright and early. Woken by birdsong, Viale got up and ate breakfast. Her brother appeared not much later. Their parents were already at their respective jobs. 
"Any plans?" Viale asked her brother.
"Maybe some karaoke." Uor admitted.
"Cool, can I come?" she asked, hoping a certain one of her brother's friends would also be around. She'd been crushing on him lately. 
"Sure." Uor shurgged, "We've promised to meet at the coast after noon."
"That's early." Viale prodded.
"Apparently the nekrats like our songs right after their meal." Uor clarified.
"I bet they like your voice." she added a compliment.
"They like everyone's singing." Uor deflected it. 
Viale let it go. Noon wasn't that far off since they'd slept in. The both of them got ready, which basically meant they got dressed for swimming and packed a few towels and some snacks. And then they were off to the beach.
Singing and dancing in the warm autumn sun felt good. Though the water was cooling now that summer was gone, most of them still tried it since they were around. Within a few weeks the sea would be too cold to try more than walking barefoot through it so getting some fun in while they could felt all the more important. 
Uor sang a duet with Viale and blushed when the others applauded. His sister had a good singing voice as well. People loved her no matter what she did. She seemed to think otherwise though and nudged him with a quick whisper of: "You see? You should sing more."
Before he could tell her it was her voice that they'd loved, a sleek muzzle pushed at his calves.
"You both sing beautiful." the sapphire nekrat commented, "You should come with me so you can sing for the other nekrats at Lantessama."
"We can't be that good." Uor saig.
"Sure you are." Viale told him, "Could you take us?" she asked the sapphire sea dragon.
"Definitely." the nekrat replied, "it would be even better if you could sing for the eggs. I know they'd hatch healthy if they'd hear you sing to them."


Aesha alerted the candidates that they should head to the bay immediately. Not long after the candidates arrived. With a few late spectators still trying to get a decent spot, the first egg hatched and a bright blue wave female jumped from the water. The hatchling did a couple of backflips and then headed for Viale, the girl from Dawn Cove and offered her a little shell:
"For your collection."
Viale takes it and gives her new bond a kiss, "It's so pretty, just the type I like. Thank you Rendiule." 


Viale broke the surface and popped out f the ocean next to Rendiule. She'd been away for a couple of years, training with her perfectly blue nekrat at Lantessama Isle. But now she'd finally returned home. Not much had changed, but then she knew because they'd visited often in the couple of years that had gone by. 
"It's my home too." Rendiule told her.
"More than Lantessama Isle?"
"I was born there, but my family is here."
And that was true too. Rendiule's parents were around, her mother Aesha a common sight, her bright white colour sticking out against the blue of the water. And her siblings, even the elusive orange coral Gernoht had come to visit. 
Viale herself had reunited with her family too and was now a member of the adult population, working as one of the messengers that travelled all over Gremyne -and the Nexus- to deliver parcels and letters. Her job left her plenty of time to look for beautiful things and her own little house was like a treasure trove.
"I wonder where life will take us." Viale asked to no-one in particular.
"Maybe back to Lantessama sometime soon." Rendiule hinted, "I'm about ready to look for a mate and there is none around that matches my needs here."
"Is that so?" Viale grinned.
"It's the same for, you, isn't it?"
Viale had to agree. 

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