Calamare was born on Avangaea (Offline)

Name: Calamare Pudor
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Species: Asandus (Old Cascatan)
Class: Water Dragon

Description: Calamare has a blue hide and a muscly build. She has a mutation in her genes that gives her lightened red fins that seem to almost glow in the water. These fins surround her head, run as a ridge down her back and envelop her tail. Calamare has flippered claws on both her front and back limbs. 
Personality: Caring and gentle, Calamare is a no-nonsense type of dragon. She is like that favourite teacher in school that saw right through you, managed to get to the core of whatever problem you had haunting you and somehow made it better by a seemingly random conversation in which she gave you some essential advice but still let you solve your own problem. As such, some people might call her a busybody.  
Short Bio: This Old Cascatan was exiled from their hometown. At that point, they decided, why the heck not go as far out as they possibly can? This may be out of shame, or out of spite, or out of a newfound sense of freedom, or all of the above.
Skills: Underwater breathing, fast swimmer (can travel on land but prefers the water)
Hobbies: Travelling and stretching the boundaries


It was late in the night when a small shadowy figure sped through the bay waters of Lantessama Isle. The brightly coloured orange nekrat male had hidden himself, too shy and scared by all the gathered people, sea dragons and other entities that were witnesses to the hatching of the clutch that he'd been a part of. But although he sensed a presence in the waters nearby, this one did not frighten him as the others had done before. 
"I see you got left behind." a warm female voice spoke his mind.
"I wasn't." Gernoht answered, "I chose to hide."
"Well then. If you're as free as me. How about we travel a bit together and see where life leads us?" the lone Asandus Calamare Pudor suggested.
Gernoht considered the notion. He could stay and make his home in the reefs, keep hidden and stay safe. But something about this sea-dragoness told him that she'll keep him safe. And he did not want to remain alone as he felt the sadness Calamare has been through because of it, despite her tough stance.
"I will. Call me Gernoht."
"Nice to meet you, I'm Calamare."

Name: Gernoht
Gender: Male
Species: Nekrat
Color: Orange Coral
Abilities: Underwater Breathing, Camouflage
Personality: Shy and a worrywart, Gernoht is maybe too cautious for his own good. 


Gernoht swam a close circle around his travel companion. The calm Calamare had proved to be just the support he needed to grow more comfortable as he took his steps out into the many worlds that were. Older now, Gernoht could look back on the years they'd spent together and believe that their encounter had been brought about by Fate. 
Calamare, who'd been following her companion's train of thought snickered and added: "You would have worked out even without me."
"But time with you is better than anything else."
"Does that imply you would want to stay with me until both our lives run out."
"I will." the reply came without hesitation.
"Might be time to stop suppressing my reproductive cycle then." Calamare hinted,
Her tail brushed against Gernoht's tail base, a place that was quite sensitive and that send shivers down his spine. His eyes grew wide as he wondered:
"Are we ready to have children?"
"If not now, then when? I'm not getting any younger."
"Just how old are you."
"No comment." Calamare smirked and swam off, teasing her mate with a flick of her tail to try and catch her. 

Lantessama Isle
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